Dear woman: Your man wants you to seduce him like right now.

5 years ago
When you wear a beautiful dress or lingerie or a nice new perfume and your man looks at you and smiles, pays you a compliment or kisses you or the three mentioned [Imagine the bliss of having all three], what does that tell you? He liked what he saw and probably would like to see more of that. He would like to be ‘treated’ to that more often. Now you might have worn the dress out of necessity or bought that lingerie because you wanted to give yourself a treat which means you didn’t even mean to get his attention. But you did. Imagine if you did that just to please him and doing it for him from time to time. In our busy schedules as wives and partners, we just let everything work like clockwork. If it aint broken don’t fix it yeah? But women tend to jump to say their men just stopped being romantic. Just the way you want to be ‘wooed’, the way you want him to know what you want and do it the way you want it, your man wants to be seduced. Maybe he has told you this, maybe he hasn’t, maybe he thinks he has but really hasn’t or maybe he believes you would figure that out yourself.
Imagine this: You were at your vanity table applying your night cream and thinking about a whole lot of things [as we normally do] Junior needed a new school bag, your hair needed to deep conditioned, the client you were meeting the next morning is a tough cookie, you just had to cook a big pot of soup to save cost, why on earth wouldn’t pimples just go back to hell where they came from? And your man who was on the bed looking at you the whole time just says ‘Baby, come right here and seduce me’
You might be thinking [and laughing] right now saying ‘No, that can’t happen to me. What!? Or you might just start laughing at the crazy randomness of the whole thing and say to him ‘You can’t be serious’ or well, you could be shocked. One thing is that you would really wonder how you are supposed to seduce him that is if you are not one of those women that have no problem with that issue.

Now you might not have to give him a lap dance or a strip tease with Beyonce’s ‘Naughty girl’ playing in the background. How many of us have that kind of confidence? [We should though. I mean, how hard can it be? *Insert my laugh here*] but we should really do the little things.

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Lily Johnson

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