Dating: 'Tis the Season

10 years ago
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I’ve heard that more breakups occur during the holiday season than any other time of year. Reasons for this phenomenon include such things as: not wanting to buy an expensive gift for someone you’re not really “into” anymore; not wanting to spend the holiday around his/her family; and wanting to start a new year with a clean relationship slate. The thing is, though, I haven’t seen a drop in the amount of people looking for dates online. In fact, I’m receiving more expressions of interest than I did when I first signed up over the summer.

So...bring it on, I say! While I still maintain that one guy to have my way with to have fun with would be preferable, until that time comes I don’t want to sit around without anything to do. I’d rather go out and have fun than moan and groan about how much it sucks to be single over the holidays.

The thing is, though, the more dating you do, the more instances of “Did he really do/say that?” tend to emerge. I do feel lucky that I’ve yet to meet anyone who I thought was weird or made me feel uncomfortable. (I’m almost to the point where I feel like I should knock on wood when I say that -- I went out with someone not long ago who had more than one horror story about crrrrazzzy girls he’d met through online dating.) But I have had several “interesting” experiences.

For one thing, a lot of guys seem to think they’re six feet tall. I’ve spoken to a number of women who back up this theory of Male Online Dating Height Exaggeration. Guys who really are tall -- say, over 6’2” -- tend not to lie. But if I see a profile that says the guy is 6’0”, I’m going to assume he’s at least an inch or two shorter than that. (If I’m 5’9” and wearing not-very-tall heels, and the dude is also wearing shoes, and we’re looking each other straight in the eye? I’m sorry, but you’re not six feet tall.)

Another thing: some guys need to be more up-front about important matters that affect possible future relationships before you take the time to meet them in person. I had this one guy wait until our first meeting before he asked me, “Did I tell you that I'm about to be deployed to Iraq for seven months?" (Why, no, you didn’t. Funny, you didn't mention it via IM or email, both of which we’d utilized over the previous few days before taking the time to meet in person.) For the record, if I was in a serious, long-term relationship with someone who had to go overseas, that would be one thing. But getting involved with someone who's about to leave for so long? No, thanks.

Then there are the things that just make me go “Hmm...” Like the guy who came across as really formal and straight-laced, but when I called him out on it (yes, I will call you out if it’s warranted) he assured me, "I do have a dark and twisted side." Um...reeeallly? Does “dark and twisted” mean "interesting," or should I consider myself forewarned and run away before I find out what his definition is?

Putting up with a few random things like this isn't a big deal. Most of the people I meet are pretty nice and normal. After all, it's cold outside and there are bright, colorful lights blinking inside. Might as well find someone to enjoy it with.

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