Dating and The SuperBowl

3 years ago

It is that time of year for football fans when they get to wafile://localhost/Users/michellebeaumont/Desktop/Taco-Bites-Skinny.jpgtch their “Grammys, Emmys & Oscars” all rolled into one night of bliss…we are referring to the Superbowl!  If you are newly dating someone or single and attending a Superbowl fiesta you will want to make sure to dress and act appropriately.  You want to give off a relaxed, happy and somewhat football savvy energy so you come across as confident and fun to be around. 

Football Party

 Here are 5 tips to help you score a touchdown this Superbowl Sunday.

  1.  What to wear

Guys this is easy, relaxed denim, trendy sneakers like Chuck Taylors and a comfortable good looking sweater that brings out your eyes.  A rich shade of blue, green or grey will do the trick.
Girls you can’t go wrong with skinny jeans, a fitted button down flannel and short biker boots to come across as casual and sexy. Football Jersey

  • Guys you can always wear your favorite team Jersey if you are a real fan of one of the teams.
  • Girls you can always wear a fitted sports team t-shirt if you are a fan as it is a great conversation piece. “I have always been a Broncos fan, what team are you rooting for?”

 2.  What to bring

Guys can bring a 6-pack of a good seasonal beer.  Something very flavorful that you will savor but will keep you from pounding brews and ultimately looking ridiculous.
Girls should bring a nice refreshing bottle of wine or a 6 pack of light beer.  It shows that you are fun to hang with but still care about your overall fitness.  Same rule applies to you, do not quickly chug your beers.

 3.  What to say

Guys if you are trying to impress someone you are currently dating find out something unique and interesting about one of the players.  For example:  “Did you know that Peyton Manning studies plays even in the bathtub?  He never takes time off, he is always working and focusing on the game.”
Girls do a little background on the teams and go in having some knowledge of the game so you can talk some of the talk.  In this year’s case, “The Denver Broncos have a fantastic Offense and the Seattle Seahawks have a great defense.  This should lend itself to a great game.”

 4. Eat before you go

Guys you don’t want to come across as a total pig, the idea is to come for football and mingling.  Down a protein shake before the party to keep you from walking in and heading right for the buffet…and for goodness sakes, if you eat wings don’t lick your fingers…use a napkin.
Girls you should also eat something healthy and packed with protein before the party.  Football snacks are small and you don’t want to continuously be reaching for more food in order to get full.  Take a small plate of food and munch on it slowly.

5.  Act Appropriately

Football bad behaviorGuys this is the time to relax and have fun but don’t cross the line and become crude.  Girls are not impressed by bombastic, drunk or foul mouthed guys.
Girls you should not drink too much and…listen up…don’t walk in front of the television during a play.  Wait until the play is over and then get up or head back to your seat.  This is just proper football etiquette.

This is a great opportunity to meet someone special in a fun and laid back atmosphere.  Just remember to put your best foot forward and you are sure to score the winning touchdown in your love life!


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