May Is National Masturbation Month!

2 years ago

Happy Masturbation Month!

     May is Masturbation Month, a time for all of us as adults to get to know ourselves better. It is a also a time to defrost from the stigma of touching ourselves.  It is a time to get to know what we like and perhaps even figure out why we like it. It is a time for us to stand up, lie down, turn sideways and get sexy with ourselves.

     In other words, stop being afraid, insecure, scared or ignorant about your body and how it works. Masturbation is the actual hands-on version of the owner's manual for your body.  Get familiar with your body. Why not? What is there to be afraid of?


Image: Epi Longo via Flickr

 One frequent question women have is how to get started, or what exactly they should do. The answer is simply to secure some private time, get naked, get the best lotion you have, and then:

  • yes, if you want candles
  •  yes if you want flowers,
  •  yes you can have some wine,
  •  yes you can in the shower,
  • yes you can standing up,
  • yes you can on the floor,
  • yes you can use toys,
  • yes you can use fingers,
  • yes you can use furniture(clean before and after especially if shared)
  • yes you can video it(just don't send it to your boss or ex) 
  • yes you can use a mirror
  • yes you can use one finger or ten
  • yes you use lube
  • yes you open yourself up literally and figuratively
  • yes you push your fingers into your vagina/your anus as far as you want to, are able to, are comfortable with
  • yes you stimulate your nipples
  • yes you can taste the secretions between your legs
  • yes you handle all the intricate parts of the vagina, labia, clitoris etc.
  • yes you go at your own pace

 Is it easy? Like everything else for humanity, what works and is comfortable for one person may send another screaming in horror. The beauty of Masturabation Month is that women and men are empowered to begin having control over their own bodies, to begin learning what intimacy and respect and sexuality truly mean.

Are you ready for what you are going to find?



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