The Crimson Chronicles 7A: Going to Rio or..? Episode 020513

5 years ago
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     Today's topic:  to shave or not to shave.

     It is always surprising to find that this topic is still a rager. Shaving is a personal preference. For every OCDer shaving the hair yet to sprout, there is always someone a little more relaxed.  Whether shaving, waxing, threading etc the issue basically is to groom.

     Except when it comes to genitalia.

     The "war" seems to be in full swing, with each group having its own camp: baldies, vajazzlers(male and female), bushies, landing strippers. Each struggles to have their voice heard. Each group proclaims that they are in the right. Each group trots out evidence that there is merit to their position. Fashion follows first one, then the other and every day it seems there is a new reason to join another camp.

     But wait.

     There is a thing called choice and a thing called personal preference.

     If you want genital topiary, go for it. If you need to rock a Rio, do it. If you have to bling your sing, go all out. If a lush jungle inspires you, do it.  Whatever your preference, whatever your style, there is someone out there who wants it, loves it, covets it.

     Keep it clean, keep it cute, keep it classy, keep it happy, keep it moving.


Mistress Raeven is a professional dominatrix and sex educator.  Follow her down the #rabbithole @MistressRaeven


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