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4 years ago

One of the worst commercials ever to be shown is this one:


     There is nothing wrong with having a disease. There is nothing wrong with discussing said affliction. There is nothing wrong with having support groups, information, blogs, etc offering a pathway of healing and relief.

     There is something wrong with it being aimed at only one sex.

     There are too many men already who think that it is perfectly acceptable to refer to women as "fish".  There are too many men who think that it is perfectly acceptable to joke in a callous manner about feminine odour.  There are too many men who find it an easy shorthand to refer to a female as a "stank pussy" or a "stank ho".


     From puberty onward, anyone who has a lap experiences odours due to sweat, secretions, heat collection, etc.  Everyone has to keep themselves clean, change their underwear regularly, wear clean clothes, etc. Everyone.

     Whenever these commercials come on, there is something quite cringe-worthy about them. Whether they try to be empowering ("hail to the v") or funny (the new series by poise) the only thing that they serve to reinforce is the "dirtiness" of the feminine body. The tone is also questionable, where women are urged to get up and do something about it RIGHT NOW. One commercial even pans along the beauty products in the shower caddy and tsk-tsks until the bottle of feminine wash is shown. Oh, the relief.

     Part of the feminine mystique is to call into question the reality of the world around you.

     Where are the commercials urging men to wash between their legs(including lifting up the scrotum and around the base of the shaft)? Where are the commercials showing men running to the store worried about the dates they are not going to get due to "masculine musk"? Where are the commercials gravely telling men that they don't have the wear the grey hoodie of jock itch and suffer isolation and embarrassment due to the itching, burning and smell?

     Excuse me, which aisle is the ball wash in?


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