A Couple that (Blanks) Together, Stays Together

6 years ago

Each morning, my work day starts when I check my personal email, the latest celebrity gossip and my horoscope...on two different sources. It's most obviously the gospel and completely accurate...right?   Regardless, I find it amusing.  Especially when there's a sweet life lesson hidden in.  Kind of like today.. 

Today's horoscope (Cancer) read: 

....You will get a lot of pleasure and insight from looking at what others have accomplished to stand the test of time. Investigate lasting relationships today, too. Ask an old, married couple their secret for marital longevity -- they'll love the walk down memory lane.
Great idea, in theory...if only I actually knew an old married couple!  My grandparents are old and they are married (like 70 years or something crazy like that). But at second glance, they fight whenever they are in the same room together, they pretend they can't hear one another, and they sleep in separate beds.  The epitome of a successful marriage, obviously!   
But, as any successful daily horoscope can do, it got me thinking.  What is my secret for a successful relationship/marriage?  What is my relationship mantra?
Years ago, on our second date, my boyfriend told me his relationship mantra:  A couple that works out together, stays together.  Followed by: A couple that cooks together, stays together.    I should have know then what our third date was going to entail.  Let's just say, I wasn't in as good of shape back then.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I had an asthma attack.  Very attractive; every girl should have one when they are trying to impress a man.
We've continued to keep these two mantras in our relationship for the past four years.  Each weekday, our evenings together consist of our heels pounding two miles of pavement before we even reach the gym for a workout, followed by a glass of wine (...or a bottle of Tequila) while we cook dinner together.  Is it true, that a couple that exercises and cooks together stays together?  Or have we just been lucky so far?
(Side note: Yesterday, I did mention signing up for a half-marathon.  I heard oh no, no way, with my flat feet? before I could even complete my sentence.  I guess the couple that exercises together, doesn't do marathons together.)
I'd love to know the secrets of an old married couple, but until then, I'll continue our routine.  I do enjoy it; usually.
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