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I felt his warm lips on my wet wanting member.  It was a warm, but adoring kiss before he placed my feet back on the ground.  Who knew those strong abs were able to raise to sitting position and muscular arms were able to lift me up that high. He kissed my leg from ankle to knee.  His hands grabbed my thigh and took a nice bit.

“Ouch!” I said placing my hand on his head as I stood over him in a straddled position. “Why did you bit me?” I asked looking down at the large bit mark.

“I wanted a taste of chocolate.”

“Chocolate.” It wasn’t like I’ve never heard that line before. I stepped over him and walked over the the bed.

“Are you ready to try out your new toys?” I asked pointing at the bag in the chair.  My heart wasn’t in it but that didn’t stop the tingling sensation from growing impatient with the activities plan.  Rolling over, he stood up by the chair. He reached his hand inside for the handcuffs and the largest toy.  He cuffed himself to the bed by one hand.

“You’re a pro. Do your worst.”

“Pro.” I thought. How much of a pro could I be if I wanted to drink a half pint of gin just to get Mr. Hollywood from walking through my mine? “I’m no pro.” I wanted to make it clear. “I mean I am going through a few things and...” the look on his face did seem sincere as if he really wanted to hear about all my woes.

“It’s just sex right?” I asked pushing him back on the bed.  I removed my dress and stood next to the bed in only my black bra and black panties.

With his free hand I let him touch my breast, my stomach and my hips.  He took hold of my panties as he playfully pulled me close to him.  I sat on his lap letting his head lay upon my shoulder where he covered me in kisses.

“Do you like candy?” he asked pointing to the very large bag in a corner.

“Yes but only not that much.” I lean in and kissed his soft big lips.  I turned my body slightly so that my butt rested between his legs.  His kisses drew me in and I wanted more of him. He held me, touched me, and licked me.  As we came up for a breath I felt his hand on my butt giving me a pat.  “Go get the candy.”

I looked at him for a moment.  I was surprise that he wanted to stop the foreplay for a bag of candy. I let my feet hit the ground, walked to the other side of the room and picked up the bag.  I couldn’t believe how heavy the bag was.  I opened it to find an assortment of chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered fruit, and multicolor, multi flavor plus multiple size of hard candy. It was as if he went to the candy store and shoved scoops of different candy into a grocery bag. I looked inside the bad and back at his smiling face, then back at the heavy candy bag and back to his longing face. He gestured that I return to his side by patting the bed.

“What did I get into.” I thought trying hard to keep the sexy look on my face. He took the bag from me as soon as it was within his reach, placing it on the bed. He pulled me closer kissing my neck while he undid my bra to suck on my breast.

What a wonderful feeling of electricity which race through me.  I felt his tongue circle around my nipple giving it tiny flick just before his hand cradles it bring it closer to his mouth, ending with a sensual bit.

I couldn’t speak to explain the feeling rippling through my body, only to have a second wave be repeated to the other breast.

I purred like a kitten under his touch.  This man knew what he was doing and he had no problem doing it to me. The excitement diminishes as I turned around to see the entire bag of candy falling onto the bed. He took me in his arms and whispered in my ear.

“Lie down on the candy.”


I know what you are thinking right now. Girl you got a man handcuffed to a bed covered in all kinds of candy and he like pain.  “RUN!”

Many of you are saying that is too much. Chocolate belongs in my mouth not on my back.  Well…

“Why are you still cuffed to the bed?” I asked trying my best to figure out what I should do.

“If I held you in both my arms pressing our bodies close, feeling your heat, smelling you, tasting you, I may become lost in all of you.

It could have been the drink, the moment or the feeling of being wanted that made me react the way I did. I reached over and unfasten the cuff from the bed and placed it on my wrist.

Slowly I slide back onto the bed, upon the candy and I pulled him upon me. Our lips met and I pulled hard on a handful of his hair. He wiggled his body motioning for my legs to spread open. With our cuffed hands, he placed my hand around his member as he cupped mine.

“Put it in.”


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