Buy Me Something! My Opinion Of Weddings

7 years ago

In 2010 the cost of the average wedding was over $20, 000. The National Divorce Rate was 50%.When I think of marriage, these are the thoughts that go through my head.Though I have been in a long term relationship for many years I do not feel the need to get married, or have children and doubt that will change.

I do realize that I am part of a very small minority of women who feel this way. As a child I never dreamed of my wedding day like some little girls do.I dreamed of success and celebrations in life that didn't require a man.From winning and Oscar, to starring on Broadway, writing a book, or designing a clothing line-I dreamed of anything and everything but marriage.As I grew older, I became even more convinced that I would never want an elaborate wedding, and expect friends and family to give me gifts I demanded on a "bridal registry". The bridal registry is one of the most selfish things I can fathom. Instead of shouting to the world "I'm getting married, buy me something!" I would much rather have people donate money to help homeless people eat, children fight cancer, or a charity OF ANY SORT. Call me crazy.

 I also feel need to address the idea of matching bridesmaids.WHY ON EARTH would I dress women who are important to me in satin matching, embarrassing, unflattering dresses in a public forum?!When I was a kid I played dress up with my barbie dolls and grew out of it. I don't feel the need to do that to my friends.Don't even get me started on the waist of money a wedding dress is.

If women were smart they would wear a color besides white that actually flatters them, and sell that shiz on E Bay afterward to make some money back! Instead of dropping thousands on a dress to wear a for a few hours plus food and drinks, I would spend that money on something useful like putting down payment on a house, paying off student loans, or paying off a credit card.

Even spending the money on an amazing vacation would mean more to me than a fleeting days party. For those who don't have to spend money on a wedding because daddy is paying for it all- you can totally suck it. No excuses on not requesting charitable donations since daddy can buy you a blender.

 In my opinion getting engaged and married is accomplishing nothing, and is not worth celebrating. Come back to me after a year or ten years of a successful marriage.

Then you should register for a gift, because only then have you accomplished something worth celebrating. Any idiot can get engaged and married. Marriage is hard and not just anyone can maintain it for many years. I do not hate the idea of marriage, but why celebrate the beginning of marriage versus a year or ten of it? This also makes much more sense to me with the divorce rate as it is.

Though our society and tradition have tried to brainwash us to meet certain expectations and standards, I challenge myself to think and dream outside of the box, and hope others will follow my lead.


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