The Breakup App

6 years ago

Problem: Re-dating
Do you have a habit of revisiting the past? As in, re-dating someone you used to date even though it didn't work the first time? You know the story, the guy tells you he's not looking for a relationship so you're like, "ok, I'll just go away and live my life." Then a few months later, you're happily going about your day and that guy calls or starts instant messaging you with invitations to take you to coffee or dinner. You're somewhat flattered and agree to go out. Then after awhile it doesn't really work because neither of you are all that into each other, it was just something to take up your time until the right person came along. This situation could even be with someone you truly love, yet they don't love you back so you really need to go away to save your own sanity. Being a technology girl and an entrepreneur I look at every problem as an opportunity to fix something and make it better.

Solution: The Breakup App
When moving out of state is a poor solution to the re-dating problem, you can de-friend or unfriend anyone you've dated, delete photos, and un-tag pictures on Facebook. Effectively, electronically erasing them from your online life because why have the temptation to e-stalk them and vice versa right?

Here's what the break up app should do in addition to the above:
- Block their Twitter handle 
- Erase them from your instant messaging applications
- Block their number from sending you text messages or calls (this is easy to do with Google Voice or Virgin Mobile, I don't think it's available on AT&T)
- Prevent your computer from accessing their online profiles
- Prevent your cell phone from calling them when you've had too many drinks.

I'm not really writing this app. After having a conversation with a good friend about how to break the cycle of being on hold with a person who isn't as into you as you are into them, I started thinking about ways to fix it. It's sad to put your life on hold for unrequited love and electronic solutions like these won't erase the feelings in your heart. It just takes the temptation away from dwelling on something that isn't meant to be. This is just a bandaid to keep you from sabotaging yourself long enough for something to happen with the person who is right for you. If anyone I've actually dated is reading this (highly doubtful), it's not about you. Unless you're the one the I still call when I need help, then yes my heart still belongs to you and that's why I moved away.

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