Brand New Relationship - The First Three Months

8 years ago

OK, I should totally be writing this *next* Thursday, because my relationship turns 3 months on April 9th. But I guess I'm actually feeling pretty confident about it getting there just fine. So that's new.

Don't get me wrong, I've not magically morphed into one of those people who just *loves* beginnings. Oh no. They suck. I'm way too fearful and totally waiting for the other shoe to fall and just all kinds of paranoid. While at the same time desperately trying to relax and trust and just allow myself to be happy. To trust that it's OK to relax and let myself be happy. Oh yeah, I'm quite the catch. If you like mildly neurotic crazy people.

But seriously, give me the fourth month of year two over the 42nd day any day. Relationships? Get better with age. The good ones, anyway.

But OK, whispering now... I'm really happy, and I'm starting to relax.

Which scares the crap out of me, so let's read some other people's stuff, shall we?

From the Mixed Up Files of Happy Fun Pants...

(note: this blog is not about pants) comes Back that thang up...

I know, you thought that I was done with the posts about online dating sites, right?


See, the new guy and I are having a great time...but I also know that he is not ready to make any sort of promises to me that this will be a relationship for the next year.

So she's got a plan to keep her online dating account active (and a pic of a random guy with odd taste in pictures of himself), but five days later... Don't read this post if you don't want to know about my sex life and the truth comes out:

I've downplayed the whole G thing for various reasons. But since it's kind of time to be true to myself, I can tell you that I have a lot of strong feelings for him. I wrote a little while ago that he gets that it's the little things that matter and he does a ton of little things for me daily. He calls me the endearments that I've "awww'd" over. He texts me throughout the day to let me know that he's thinking of me. He calls me every night to wish me a good night. He likes my dog. He supports me during times when I'm unsure of myself. He builds me up. He is a fantastic father. He's a patient man. He doesn't think I'm needy. He doesn't care that I can be clingy. He lets me pick the music. He pushes me to think of things in a different way. He's a really smart guy that I can have conversations about things on mulitple levels. He pushes back when I'm being stubborn and calls me out on the things that I need to be called out on. And he teases. He teases me about a billion and a half things - and I'm learning not to be so sensitive because I know that behind the teasing is a lot of caring. I care about him quite a bit. Much more than I let on.

Ah, new relationships. When you're so cool... and so not cool. See: Scary stuff! (On a totally unrelated to this topic note, I also really enjoyed happyfunpants' funny post Ten REALLY good reasons to have babies...)

Here's a quickie: Postcards from Yo Momma shares Advice for Long-Distance Relationships. Mom's just sayin'!

Heidi from ThadenPierce got a proposal after six days... and married him nine years ago: I said, “Yes.”

QTMomma wonders about The Leagues of Dating (as in people being "in and out of each other's leagues").

And my fav of the week (and not just because of the crazy awesome blog design): Dr. Honey offers rules for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship.

In a new relationship? Written about it? I'd love for you to link it on up in the comments!

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