The Boudoir Bandwagon

5 years ago
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Just last week I was chatting with one of my dear old roommates (I'll refer to her as Miss $) about our upcoming weekend plans.  I had yet to see her new apartment despite having gone our separate ways over three months ago.  Fortunately the stars aligned this past weekend, and I was free to attend a very intimate event she was hosting that Saturday at her place - a boudoir photo-shoot.  No, I wasn’t going to be in the photos.  Miss $ wanted me there for moral support... and to have a champagne drinking buddy.

I’ll be honest. I found the concept to be a little strange at first.  I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Miss $ wanted racy shots snapped of herself to give to her doting boyfriend, who she now lives with. If he was overseas, sure!  But that lucky bastard can check out her hot bod in person whenever he wants.

So going into it all, I didn’t exactly believe in boudoir.  And since I’m a “gotta to see it to believe it” type of gal (might be why I didn't dump Ex #1's ass after two of my best friends only told me he was cheating on me), I was totally showing up for this photo-shoot.  I blame my skepticism on my lack of understanding of boudoir, and more importantly, my lack of a significant other to do one for.  Frustrated much?

Now I’m a believer.

It was hawt.

Very hawt.

Ladies, if you want to remind your man just exactly why he started drooling over you in the first place (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), BOUDOIR.IS.FOR.YOU.  All it takes is a spicy mix of the following:

  • Confidence, duh.  If you’re going to embark on one of these shoots, I’d like to reference Gabrielle Union’s famous last words to Kirsten Dunst before they both fell off the face of teen movie-earth - “You better bring it!”

Boy, did Miss $ do just that.  I am so proud of her.

  • An awareness of your best ass-ets.  You know if you’ve got the “T” and/or the “A”.  You know if your legs are a mile long, or if those crunches you’ve been doing for the past 6 years have finally led to a flat stomach.  Having this clear understanding going into a boudoir shoot is huge. Since not every pic needs to be full body, you don't need to look like a full-blown Victoria's Secret model to look phenomenal in the photos. Boudoir really captures you in all your glory.

This leads me to my last but not least must have:

  • A professional, creative, and completely honest photographer.  Miss $ is lucky enough to have a solid connection to one she was able to work with on a very open level- Carly Yarbrow, owner of Carly Michelle Photography.  Don't be fooled by her website. Though chalk-full of gorgeous family and newborn photos, along with breathtaking wedding and engagement albums, she's adding boudoir to her repertoire (who knew anything would rhyme with either of these words?), and she's adding it in full force.  Carly turned a modest Boston apartment into a romantic, palatial setting.  She also got Miss $ to pose in ways that really brought out her inner sex-kitten.  I saw a side of this girl I never thought I’d see before.

I’d also like to give an honorable mention to several other tangibles we had at the shoot:

  • A friend who happens to be a hair and make-up artist on the side to sass you up (CC you turned Miss $ into a Mutha' Effin' Rock Star!).
  • “Liquid courage” ie: champagne, vodka, or anything that doesn’t make you bloat… to get the creative juices flowing (or just to grow a pair and really let loose).
  • Lace, pearls, silk, all-things see-through, heels, etc.
  • Some good tunes.  Miss $ had Christmas music playing when we walked in.  This was quickly changed over to some dirty dirty rap music to get us all into the "right" frame of mind.

If you can successfully combine the aforementioned ingredients into a day’s work, you will bring it. 

Your men can thank me later.

Oh, and by the way… Miss $’s photos are simply fabulous.


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