BlogHer of the Week: The Bloggess

8 years ago

One can only imagine the size of the Post-Its in Jenny Lawson's house. Or the size of her cat.

In a post that could provide a month's worth of fodder for Passive Aggressive notes, The Bloggess takes us into her hilarious world of wet towels, cat vomit and empty pizza boxes with her post, "A series of helpful post-it notes I left around the house for my husband this week". All guffawing aside, her creative, epistolary approach is the stuff that made us all agree that Jenny is The BlogHer of the Week.

Never mind the size of the font one must use to really write the kinds of notes that The Bloggess leaves for her husband, Victor:

Dear Victor:  This bath towel was wet and you left it on the floor and it was the last clean one in the house.  I’m pretty sure this is how tuberculosis is spread.  I’m writing all this in my blog in case I end up dead because of your carelessness.

We get more glimpses of The Bloggess's dissatisfaction, which begins to feed on itself and snowball into a diatribe as circular and clever as a Laurel and Hardy routine. Who knew that the everyday annoyances of marital co-habitation could spin into such ridiculousness and yet ring so true?

Dear Victor: I’ve poisoned something in the fridge.  Good luck with that.

Dear Victor: I’m sorry.  I think I might have PMS.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Dear Victor:  That was an apology, you asshole! Now there are two things poisoned in the fridge. Because you don’t know how to accept an apology.

Dear Victor:  I am so sorry you are sick.  I swear I was just kidding about poisoning shit in the fridge.  I mean, I did leave the yogurt out for like a half a day but that really more by accident because I was so distracted by the wet towel on the floor.  If anything, you brought this on yourself.  Once again, I apologize.

The notes continue, even after Post-Its run out, on wet towels on the floor, and then on the cat. At this point the spinning of this story is making us giddy. And then we are let go to fall in our own fit of laugher.

The Bloggess clarifies: "Most of this post was exaggerated except for the part where Victor left a wet towel on the floor.  That shit totally happened.  I’m still working through it."

Thanks, Jenny, for the spit-out-what-we-were-eating humor at the end of a long week.

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