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11 years ago
The great range of sex and relationship bloggers at the recent BlogHer in Chicago, and the diversity of both their blogs and the reasons they write were two themes that kept my attention as I slogged my way home from last weekend’s Chicago BlogHer conference.
Sex, sexuality, sexual politics, and sexual identity are themes that completely engage me, and there was much food for thought (among other juiciness) at the conference, enough I’d like to share some of it with you.
If I was going to organize the sex and relationship bloggers I met last weekend, I’d say there might be four groups- those for whom sex is always political and often tied into gender politics; others for whom sex—and writing about it—is a personal narrative; often if not always erotic and fun, and those for whom sex and sex information is a filter for just about everything that happens in the world (yeah, the obsessive),
BlogHer was full of bloggers focused on each area, so here, with no more ado, a surfing guide to some of the sex and relationship bloggers who showed up at BlogHer, with a few bonus hotties added.
The personal is political—sex and relationships and gender politicsBlogmother here is the smart as a whip and truly generous Susie Bright, whose Journal has been making trenchant observations about sex, sexual politics, sex and society for quite some time, but always in a fresh and unique way, Another frank voice, someone who just wants to put it out there, is Georgia podcaster and Sex2.0 unconference organizer Amber Rhea, who aligns with our very own Liz Henry in not caring that much what other people think—their goals are to speak truth as they know it, and both excel in that realm. Finally, both Laurel Toby Edison and her partner Barbara Nitke belong in this realm, a space where fatblogging, alternative sexuality, and the politics of freedom all merge. Finally, another writer who was at part of the conference and who added a lot to the discussion was sex worker and activist Libertine, whose blogs take aim at social mores and restrictive laws.
Sex as a personal narrative; aka the journey’s where it’s at
Always Aroused Girl was the only person I met at Blogher whose blog was truly an erotic chronicle, but there are great writers on the web telling their stories, including Polyamory Weekly’s CunningMinx, who is poly, kinky, honest and bright and writes about it all as nice as can be, the amazing generous—and sexually greedy Curvaceous Dee, who likes sexy sandwiches and threesomes, and Wendy from Heart Full of Black.
If you’re into kinky folks, there are lots more choices, including the well-blogged Sex in the City—The Real Story, the very racy A Farmwife with a Twist, and ther amazing and artistic Girlfag, none of whom use their real name but all of whom offer lots of stories.
Sex as a filter for the world
Through an orgasm, darkly? My friend Viviane is the blog mommy for The Sex Carnivale, a daily compendium of news, views, excerpts and tasty bits all related to sex and sexuality, and her friend Rachel Kramer Bussel is the cupcake girl, aka a very prolific sex writer and editor with a whole set of blogs, including Lusty Lady and her cupcake blog.
Having them both at BlogHer was great, and the goings-on would have only been enhanced if we’d been lucky enough to also have Sex in the Public Square’s Elizabeth Wood, Sexarati’s Melissa Gira, and bay area goddess and SFGate/Chronicle columnist Violet Blue, another groundbreaker, great personality and wonderful writer/editor.
Of course, what’s missing from this equation—and much harder to find—are the every day women telling personal stories and interspersing sex and relationship content into the mix with everything else, like Trust Me, I’m a Blonde.
If you know good bloggers covering these themes—please post them in the comments section here—the beauty of this genre is that every voice has something interesting to share.
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