Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better

5 years ago

Jennifer Amato

If you are in a relationship with a man with a smaller penis, that does not mean that a man with a smaller penis cannot satisfy his partner in the bedroom.  While some individuals may feel that a bigger penis may be more fulfilling during the act of sexual intercourse, studies show that the majority of women are unable to achieve an orgasm from sexual intercourse alone.  Therefore, does size really matter?
Before you get to the actual sexual intercourse part, foreplay also plays a major part of the whole sexual experience.  Regardless of the size of your penis, if a man can do wonders with his fingers and mouth, then the overall intimate experience can be truly satisfying. Foreplay is such an essential part to getting your partner excited and sexual aroused.  For example, if a well endowed man does not perform foreplay and gets right to the sexual intercourse, he may believe that the size of his penis is enough to satisfy his partner and give her an orgasm.  That is not always the case.   About 30% of women can achieve an orgasm from sexual intercourse alone.  If the well endowed man ignores foreplay or rushes through foreplay, his partner may not have reached the point of sexual arousal, and not feel sexually satisfied.
A man with a smaller penis who is also in tune with what feels good for his partner can be a fabulous lover.  In addition to paying attention to how his lover responds to foreplay, he should also carry that on during intercourse.  There may be certain positions that feel better for her. There are also a number of products that a man can utilize during sexual intercourse to increase the level of sexual stimulation for both partners.  Products such as vibrating rings that the man wears over his penis are designed to come in contact with her clitoris to add to the pleasure. These types of rings are designed to be one size fits most, so regardless of his size, these types of products can be used.
Let us talk about safe sex and condoms for a man with a smaller penis.  It is important to engage in safe sex.  Men who have a smaller penis have expressed concerns with the condom falling off during intercourse, which defeats the purpose of being safe during sex.  However, there are numerous condoms on the market that are designed to fit a smaller sized penis.  These condoms are shorter in length and width.  Some examples of these condoms are Iron Grip, which have received positive reviews from customers.  Customers who have used Iron Grip condoms have stated that these condoms stay on well during intercourse and do not slip off.  Another top rated condom designed to fit a smaller sized penis is LifeStyle's Snugger Fit condoms.  Users of these condoms have stated that they are tighter, strong, and fit well without the concern of falling off, even during rougher sex.
Men of all penis sizes can be amazing lovers in the bedroom.  While we can appreciate the well endowed man, remember, great things also come in smaller packages.
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