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If you've met someone online then the first in-person meeting is always scary with the mind chatter running those familiar lines 'what if he doesn't like me in person' or 'what if I don't look as good as my picture?'Sure its possible but remember it works both ways.

I've shown up to an online date so excited to meet the potential new man in my life and let me tell you HE didn't look like HIS pic! The photo must have been taken 10 years ago at a good angle with great lighting because the man standing in front of me just wasn't the same as the one in the picture. When it comes to online profile pics i'm a believer in undersell and over deliver.

So, you've posted a true and sexy recent pic of yourself online, filtered through your matches and have organised the meet the latest contender in your quest to find Big Curvy Love. Here's a few things to think about before your first rendezvous:


Don't want to get carried away and sleep with him on the first date? Don't wax or groom your kitty. However, just like Bridget Jones wearing her granny panties and getting it with Hugh Grant's character, the chances of something going down (either you or him) seem to increase when you're 'unprepared'. It's not always a fail-safe but knowing that an overgrown little shop of horrors lies beneath your plus-size panties might help reign in those first date feelings of lust that could cloud your judgement.


Your regular online first date is usually drinks, coffee and maybe dinner anything beyond that is specialist wear. Dress nicely but not over the top unless you're off to an event. Avoiding wearing fabulous 'standing only dress' (hopefully you're smarter than I am and don't even have those in your closet anymore!)


Wear a sexy bra to make yourself feel good but even if you have the most magnificent rack it doesn't mean the girls need to be introduced on the first date. Unfortunately, being a plus-size pear shape gal I don't have this luxurious problem of big boobs so I suggest a little peek for him with a nice neckline but he needs to earn anything else. I realize wearing nice underwear counteracts the 'don't wax your kitty' suggestion but hey do whatever works for you! I've yet to completely find the balance between the two.


Ditch the sneakers or 6 inch stilettos and find an in between comfy-yet-sexy pair of kicks. It may end up being one of those romantic dates where you walk the streets for hours after talking. Wait - has that ever happened to anyone or just in the RomComs?


Aim of effortlessly awesome. Not enough to melt off if you get sweaty from nerves or hot flushes of lust but not bare faced either. Stay away from the overdone/over processed Real Housewives look and choose a one you can actually maintain if you start dating him. Remember undersell and over deliver! Sure looking 'natural' takes time too but personally a little eyeliner and mascara and I'm good to go.


Take a quick photo of  yourself with your phone and see what you look like. Too many accessories? Lose one. Can't sit down in your dress ? change it. Feet starting to hurt? Switch them.

How do you like to prep yourself for the first date? Got any tips for our Big Curvy Lovers? Am I wrong with the 'No waxing or grooming' suggestion? 


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