Beauty of a Short Engagement

4 years ago

Last week I discussed the beauty of having a long engagement.  Just because a long engagement is working for us doesn't mean it is for everyone.  I want to spend today to talk about short engagements.  They deserve some love too, right?

I am clearly not an expert of short engagements, but I do believe they are perfect for some couples.

You get married quicker.

This one might be totally obvious to you, but you don't have to wait years to get married.  You get married within months (I'm talking 6 and under) from when you got engaged.  You don't have that crazy long waiting period that long engagements have.  It's done quickly and you can move on with your married lives instead of being in engaged limbo.

You are more laid back.

As a bride, you can get caught up in all the details.  Everyone does.   But as a bride on a short time schedule, you don't necessarily have time to worry about those things.  You need to book the "big" stuff quickly.  You don't have all the time in the world to lollygag and fiddle your thumbs.  So, you become more laid back.  You accept that while everything will be beautiful, you don't have time to start stressing over stupid things.

You make decisions much quicker.

I don't know about you, but some wedding decisions take me a while to "OK".  There are the decor questions, flower questions, types of table questions.  All of those things aren't that important to me, so I put them off.  I also want Jeremy's opinion on all aspects of our wedding, so there is time built in for him to stew about stuff.

Brides that are tight timelines don't have that luxury necessary evil.  They need to make decisions quick and don't have a ton of time to ponder over things.  You can make decisions together as a couple so much quicker since you don't have a ton of time to waste.  Speedy decisions are a must for 6 month brides.

One word.  Sample sales.

I didn't go this route because I knew we weren't getting married for over a year.  But if you are a bride on a short timeline, sample sales are your friends.  I know they might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they can honestly save so much money.  And you get a beautiful - often designer - dress out of it.  And for cheap.  All the bridal salons in Atlanta carry different designers, so you can go to multiple salons if you want and snatch up a great deal on a dress.

Bridal Shows.

I didn't do this either, but I definitely would have if we were getting married quickly.  The reason why it's good?  You can book a TON of things all at one time.  You can also win things.  Jeremy knows a couple that won their honeymoon from a bridal show.  I am not sure which one she went to, but man.  I would love to have won a honeymoon.  One less thing to worry about.

So it's possible to get great deals from bridal shows.  I have also heard that businesses that go to shows offer deals to the people that show up.  I have no idea what these deals would be, but I have heard that you can get a discount.


So there you have it.  There are benefits to long and short engagements.

What  type of engagement did you have?
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