Ask4Recovery - How do I stop focusing on the finish line?

4 years ago

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…

How do I stop focusing on the finish line?

Sometimes we can convince ourselves that focusing on the finish line is a better option. It can provide us some sort of relief and at the same time disconnects us from being present in the moment. When I find myself focusing on the future and the finish line, I lose sight of where I presently am. I lose sight of the journey I am on each moment day in and day out. I become fixated on something that has yet to happen and in the process, miss out on all that I can experience right here and right now.

I use this finish line focus as an opportunity to take a step back and see what is really coming up for me. Am I feeling uncomfortable? Sad? Agitated? Happy? Whatever it is, I am trying to escape the present and that is not the life I want to lead for myself. I can have dreams and goals but when I find myself dependent on them to bring me happiness and relief for the here and now, I am missing out on the beautiful journey of life. So now, I choose to focus on what suits me best and that is the present moment. One day at a time.

How do you get out of finish line focus? What works for you? Let us know and join the Ask4Recovery movement with me

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