The Art of Mislaid Equality Playing Out Right In Front of Our Faces Perpetrated By Women – Absolutely Disgusting!

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                                       - T.S. Dickey: Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 9:36 AM

Double   standard women Make Me Sick – and that is not metaphorically speaking. How dare you judge one another in the harshest way you can then lift that judgment off of a man who is the root cause of the problem.

What the hell am I talking about?

The whole Kristen Stewart - 22 y. o. and that damned Rupert Sanders - 41  y. o. and his (not hers) extramarital ‘affair’.

How can older women open their mouths and make this young girl the scapegoat in a public cheating scandal and permit Sanders to slide like the sleaze he is under the radar as if he is the victim.

Bull   Sh*T!

The only way something like this can be carried out is that envious, jealous,   vengeful and judgmental older women support it!  So, Kristen Stewart becomes the evil ‘other woman’ while Rupert Sanders is the ‘couldn’t help myself’ victim.

Double Bull   Sh*T!

As long as women make other women the cause of their problems with men, men will always cheat, lie, and bed other women (younger or older).

When are you broads gonna get the memo? I could have easily used the other B word   but.... I had some respect.

A couple of months ago, I coined the term ‘mislaid equality’ which is the art   of women providing excuses and forgiveness toward our guilty male   counterparts while heaving blame and responsibility upon our peers for the   same transgression.

Even though I have maintained throughout my life that equal blame should be placed on equal participants, I have been appalled over how that only seems to happen 1 out of 1000 times. What became more appalling was when I was able to see (and understand) just how that societal imbalance came about.

However, understanding does not justification make.

We are quick to ignore the centuries of much, much older men dating and marrying women our young daughters' ages. Instead of holding them liable for taking advantage of these young people, we make it clear that we blame the female for being seduced (either by money or sex) for the transgression.

If the man is your husband, how is she responsible?


Because those of us who are caught in this loop inherited this sexism from our mothers.

Everyday women, including me, ought not to be ashamed of ourselves.   We've been set up by society not to expect the same treatment as our male   counterparts; especially when it comes to physical involvement with other   partners.

Even though I realize this dislike is a double standard; the impact was   extraordinary. I was also guilty of trending in the same thought from age 16   to 21 that I did not realize how much I mirrored societal prejudice. What’s   good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

Taking a quote from the website sums up my evolution   towards supporting the ‘prime cougar’ way of life.

Years ago, I found   myself being hotly pursued by a man 15 years  my junior. It wasn’t that I was uncomfortable with the possibility of  a relationship with him; it was more that I was uncomfortable with the way in which other women (including one of my daughters) would perceive my character due to the age difference. Faced   with this possible ‘sanction’ I shied away from his advances.

The same people did not react the same way when I asked about the notorious Hugh Hefner and his 50+ year age difference with women he pursued. Most of the females I asked stated: that’s just how men are.

                      I was experiencing the mislaid art of equality.

Yet women want to get up in arms about the difference in wages between men and women.   Discrimination is discrimination no matter what the subject matter.

I’m just sayin……

So what was the result?  Kristen got dropped from the Snow White sequel   while Rupert is retained as the director. Why? Men are in charge of old   established big business and sanctioning Rupert means sanctioning themselves.  

After all, now 86 year old jilted Hugh Hefner has restarted his relationship with former fiancé`26 year old Crystal Harris and none of the women seem  to be outraged over this ridiculousness. But they sure are happy as hell that   Kristen Stewart got dumped.

B - words.

The oxymoron in this situation is that women are the morons – they gave   men the power to do this kind of thing to their daughters because they   judge each other so viciously.

Wakeup and stop supporting your demise at 40 – when these same 40+ men make you believe you are over the hill and they are in their ‘prime’. Be for real – just like some women, at 40 some men start buying ‘Endless Male’ supplements to convince themselves that they can still keep it up, metaphorically speaking, through exercise, energy and sex.

PrimeCougars are living proof that women got-it-going-on into their late 60’s. Not only can 68 years young at heart Diana Ross openly state that she is looking for a cub between 40-45 she can also expect to land one.

What is so sad is that women don’t realize that Kristen is a cultural attaché of  themselves.  We all got dumped by other women, men and society as a whole when Sanders indiscretion became our opus.


Yes, opus – a piece of work by the same composer – women – designed to keep us in our place for the benefit of men.

Older men cannot perpetuate his kind of paradigm by themselves, but with women as paradigm keepers like the ones leading the gossipy charge against Kristen Stewart (such as Sharon Osbourne blaming her on The Talk) – what other backup do these men need to keep victimizing our daughters?

This script is why I keep saying gold diggers are just fine with Prime Cougars –   they give themselves one leg up (pardon the pun) and help older women gain freedom to be cougars - which they most likely will become with age.

Kristen faired far worse than Crystal because she did not need Rupert’s money to climb the social ladder; she fell victim to his years of hunting successfully – young women such as herself.

Quite a twist on the title: Snow White and the Huntsman.

But, what a lot of women are blissfully unaware of is that older men are petrified by the concept of cougar so much so that a public official embroiled   in a political scandal was so upset that his ex-wife (15 years his junior) was dating younger men, he used the ‘cougar’ defense to try to get his sentence for embezzling public money reduced.

Honest-to-GOD. He felt her lifestyle made her an unfit mother.  Hands up to the Most High about this one.[1]

I  truly believe it is because older men’s egos are so fragile they just can not take being placed side by side with their younger, virile and more desirable competition – the Cub.

Now that younger men are making it obvious that they find the sexually adventurous and pleasant to look upon older woman new ground to explore – older men are completely threatened.

The Prime Cougar is living proof that financial power has changed hands from older men to older women and with this financial power comes freedom that fuels social change.

Within the next five years, young women like Kristen Stewart will not have to take the brunt of such negative publicity. Situations like this will be placed on the true perpetrator and owner of the outcry; whichever married partner betrayed the vow – period.

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