Are You Faking Your Orgasms?

8 years ago

I am of the belief that faking an orgasm on occasion isn't so wrong for your mate...what do they know?...but it’s a huge injustice for you to do to yourself!

God, in his infinite wisdom, gave each of us ladies the mysterious ability to orgasm in more than one way and more than one time.  Why would we deny ourselves that physical and emotional pleasure? In the name of chores, kids, work, stress?  I subscribe to the practice that there is no better way to relax and rejuvenate than to have an orgasm or two several times a week.

If faking orgasms is a regular part of your routine than you've fallen into a rut and need to get yourself out of it.  Make orgasms a priority in your life and take responsibility for your sex drive.  Be proactive in firing up your sex desire.  Just a little bit of effort will release the endorphins that stimulate your body and mind and give you the intense orgasmic release you’ve been lacking.  A healthy sex life will shower you in a soft blanket of contentment, peace and relaxation. 

Start by spending some quality time alone, say in the shower or during your drive home from work. Ignite those smoldering embers and let yourself get aroused. Fantasize about the one you love or that gorgeous person you saw in the restaurant during your lunch break. Practice some Kegel exercises or stimulate yourself with a discreet vibrator. 

These simple practices will prime your body and mind to not only receive but to yearn for your mate. By the end of the night, faking an orgasm won’t even cross your mind.  You'll be too busy keeping your moans to a low roar!

Whatever you do to turn yourself on… it without inhibitions.  You and your body have this wonderful gift so use it as it is intended…without on-going, self imposed restraint.

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