Are You Caught in Limbo About Something or Someone?

5 years ago

We've all had those experiences in life where we are "stuck in the middle" of a decision.  Should I or shouldn't I?  Is he or isn't he?  This situation is enough to drive you mad, isn't it?  To be in limbo is to be in something that you have not made up your mind about.  There are contradicting variables that you can not choose a side on. 


should we split up?
should you move?
is he telling the truth?
should you get rid of it?

Although these are just examples, each one can have a two sided answer if you are not sure.   The question going back and forth in your mind doesn't have to be major.  It could be as simple as should you throw out your old pair of boots that you love so much but they have holes in them.  You get the point.  But if something is sitting in your head that you are going back and forth on, over and over, this cannot be healthy.  And it will suck up your positive energy and attention that could be and should be focused on other things.

So here's what I do:

1) I make a list of the two sides and compare them.  I see which one is longer and I force myself to be honest with myself.

2) I write down all areas of my life the decision effects and I go through the two choices to see which choice effects those areas in a more positive way.  In other words, say there is choice 1 and choice 2.  I look at how does choice 1 effect me and how I feel on a daily basis, how does it effect my family or relationship, how does it effect my job, my friends, other groups I may belong to.  Then I do the same thing with choice 2.  Which ever one is the greater good, that's the one I go with.

These two exercises often give me the answer I need to make.  I'm not saying it will be easy to make the decision but you should see clearly which decision is the right one and know that you need to work towards that. 

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