Relationship Milestones: Celebrating Five Years of Marriage

7 years ago

Five years ago in a little church with one relative and a preacher, I promised to put my hand in yours and walk with you through life; Five years ago, you promised to love me with all your heart; Five years ago, We felt we knew us and love well enough to jump the broom; now five years later we find we don't know everything about us or love but we're willing to take it day by day. It's U & Me, forsaking all others, my hand in yours, one day at a Time.

♥ Happy 5th Anniversary Charles ♥



Today marks my husband Charles' and my 5th Anniversary. WOW!

     There were times, days, weeks, months even, when I thought we would NEVER make it to this day! Not in once piece that is. And yet, here we are. It's a good feeling to know that we've reached a milestone in our marriage and great to know that we are still willing to go forward with one another and not living in a shell of a marriage. You know, where for appearances sake everything looks like it's the real deal, but on the inside, behind closed doors, there is nothing between them. Okay, sometimes it's like that, but doesn't everyone go through that at some point?

    Anyway, as I write this I can't help but look at him snoozing away on his day off, our anniversary, while I deal with getting the kids off to school and doing chores and I think,  "Today is just another day. " And by all accounts, it is. We have never done anything major for our anniversaries past, well, honestly we've never done anything minor either. The day just kind of came and went like a breeze through a window. There was a "Happy Anniversary" spoken, maybe a kiss given, and at one time a card or gift shared. But we've never made a big fuss over them. No, Scratch that. My husband has never made a big fuss over them, lol, I've always made a big to-do about them because I'm just that kind of person! :)  I think over time though, I started taming myself and my expectations of what was "supposed to happen" when you reach another year in your marriage because I either didn't want to be let down or didn't want to put pressure on Charles. He comes from a very non-expressive family and I come from an OVERLY expressive family. So naturally, the two don't mix when it comes to holidays and lovey-dovey situations lol.

  So what am I getting at really? My point is, I'm happy to be here, happy to have stuck it out when so many times I wanted to leave. So many times I wanted to start a new chapter in my life --alone-- and love him and our children without being tied to an unhappy marriage. I'm happy that God has allowed us to see another day as husband and wife, even without all the hoopla. I'm also a bit sad because secretly, in my heart, this is a BIG anniversary and I wanted to do something BIG to celebrate it. But even as I typed that out, my conscience was saying "Just be happy you made it this far, that alone is a gift in itself".  Ah gee, I can't argue with that logic.

Here's to 5 years of marriage, to Charles, and hopefully another year; don't want to push my luck, lol I'll take this a step at a time :)


Love and Happiness, Forever and Always


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