Always A Bridesmaid, Never A...Get Over It!

7 years ago
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It has been a wonderful week in PSG land. One of my best friends in the world announced her engagement this week and I must say that it couldn't have happened to a more loving, mature, compassionate, and deserving woman. Hearing her proposal story was so romantic and gave me a huge case of the warm fuzzies. It also made me cry bawl tears of happiness! Ah...I <3 love!
So, naturally, I am about to embark on fulfilling my duties as a bridesmaid and it got me to thinking. The role of bridesmaid gets such a bad rap these days. Some people that you tell automatically go into sympathy mode with statements like "Oh...well don't worry, it'll happen for you someday" or "Wow, looks like you need to move to her town. That's where all the guys are". Umm...thanks? (More like: it!)
In the movies, bridesmaids often come of as being pathetic and/or desperate individuals, the poor lonely souls that just can't seem to land a man (I'm talking to you 27 Dresses & My Best Friend's Wedding)! 
Woe is me? I think not! Contrary to popular belief, there are some who are less concerned with themselves when a friend gets engaged, and more focused on the couple and their special moment. In most cases as singletons, we have the privilege of having no one else to worry about but ourselves 99% of the time. Therefore, I like to use this time to lavish as much attention as possible on my friend the bride and help her out in anyway I can. Quite honestly, I also find that there are many perks to being chosen as an attendant of the bride. This time honored tradition does not have to be all about bitchiness, desperation, and hideous dresses and I am more than happy to help sweep that stereotype out the door. So, in the spirit of Top 10 Tuesday I present:

Top Ten Reasons Why Being A Bridesmaid Is Fabulous!
1. It is an honor. Not since those heart-shaped "best/friend" necklaces that you shared with your bestie in elementary school has there been specific recognition your special relationship with the bride. It shows that she trusts you to be a part in organizing aspects of one of the most important days of her life. Aka-VIP.
2. Party planning! What a great way to express your creativity and add those "tasteful" touches that you know the bride will love and appreciate. ahemPenisStrawscough.
3. Party participation. HELLO bridal shower, bridal luncheon, bachelorette party!! Cheers to that!
4. Recognizability. The oft dreaded bridesmaid's dress will tell everyone that you are particularly close with the bride which will therefore provide easy conversation starters with wedding attendees that you may not know so well.
5. You're a modern day lady-in-waiting. And didn't those girls have access to all the best catches in the land? (i.e. easy access to groomsmen)
6. It's a wonderful excuse to get new shoes! You know you want new shoes.
7. It's maybe the one time where you can show up wearing the same cocktail dress as some other chick and not be completely mortified. Speaking of bridesmaid's dresses...don't sulk or complain. You can make a burlap sack look good if you hold your head up, strut, and rock it like a couture gown. It's all about the beauty within.
8. You get to watch and help the bride get ready...and shove champagne in her face to help calm those nerves. What are friends for? ;)
9. Access to one of the best views of the ceremony in the house. Get your hankies ready...
10. Reunion time! More than likely, you'll be reunited with a ton of old friends, dance the night away, and have a hired professional paparazzo to snap you and your girls in all the finest moments...sans red eye!

Congrats, C! I <3 you ;)