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Well Valentine’s Day has come and gone, giving me an eye opening experience that as a women it has brought tears to my eyes.

See what happened was…

Waking up to find myself alone was not fun nor was it something I really wanted to experience.  Needless to say I said a fond farewell to my friends after replacing the items I used during that one night of FP fun, and yes I did wave my freak flag high and he captured it again and again.  He did leave me a car and a fabulous driver who also walked out of the store with a large bag of her own. 

The airport security women were more than happy to take the business cards for the toy store. Unlike the first group, they were more knowledgeable of the toys but were unaware of the great variety of items for sale.

The funny thing was I caught the same plane back and made a killing in the sale of close to a third of my products. As I walked down the long hallway I was met by three of the security staff who took me into a small office where I sold another third. It was a good thing that I got a lot of instructional books. The one shown also sold great.  I waited for a while for a good cab company to show up to take me home.  Yes, he had a car waiting for me but I didn’t want to take it. I had other plans that I didn’t want to get back to him about. 

It would be my world to return home to a city barely shut down by snow.  We creep along the city streets.

“There aren’t that many cars out here today.” I said to the driver trying to start a conversation to end my sorry mind from traveling thousands of miles back to California and back to last night.

“Yes.” He said softly and nothing else.

I asked him to take me to the bus station so I could go home.  I lied.  Just in case someone wanted to find out where I went to after I got off the plane if you know what I mean.  Who knows who he could have checking up on me?  Remember he was in the toy store without me knowing.  I waited until the cab driver was down the street and long gone before I made my move. I watched the drive pull off from the giant window, grabbed my bags and walked the three blocks up the street to the nearest hotel and checked in.  It felt nice to walk into a plain but decent room without a movie star laid out on the bed naked.

I took a good look at my surroundings, locked the door and left the bags where the bell hop placed them. I kicked off my shoes, and tossed my purse into the chair.

It took just a few seconds for me to get totally naked and slide my tired body into the bed with the remote control.

I really couldn’t tell you how I felt right then and there.  I knew where I stood with Mr. Hollywood when I went out there, but I thought that he could have at least stayed until the morning. How hard could it be for him to do that one simple thing?

“Wake up with me!” I shouted. It was out of instincts that I grabbed the pillow and screamed into it as loud as I could until I notice that my screams were now cries.

I didn’t ask him to love me, just wake up with me after a night of doing some of the wildest thing two people could do.

By noontime my phone was ringing off the hook and I had no desire to talk to anyone not even the sisters who took turns every hour calling me.

 A few of the guys called, wanting to take me out for the celebration of the day.

“No.” I said softly.  I just wanted to rest awhile. Lets get real, for some reason Mr. Hollywood has put my mind in an awkward position. I knew I had to shake it off but how, how do I get back to being me?

After watching a few good old movies, I showered and changed.  It would do me well to spend the day alone. One day of getting to fall back in love with me.

I placed on my little black dress and my spiked high heels with every intention on sitting down stairs at the hotel bar to listen to the house band play whatever type of music they knew how to play.

“I shouldn’t love or care for someone more that I do myself.” I thought.

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