Alone in the city

7 years ago

So here I am, sitting with my cat on the couch, updating my blog on a Saturday night. Its been a while since I was single and I'm still not single, but my boyfriend has gone home this weekend and left little 'ol me to occupy myself. It feels so strange, I'm almost always out with him or the girls, but tonight all of them seem to have deserted me :(.

I wonder how many of you feel that sometimes we become so strongly entwined in our routines, that even small changes stir us up. I mean, shouldn't we be more resilient to this?

Well philosophy apart, I decided to engage myself in the kitchen for a while, and was just fooling around without really knowing what I wanted to do. Then I decided to try out something new. How many of you have tried those ready to eat pierogies they sell at the super market, well I decided to try something new on them today. 

My room mate is Indian, so she has this huge store of spices from India, that we often use to make up dishes, so today, with her also being out, I decided to take the risk. Not knowing which spice does what, I decided that the pierogies had to be finished since its been almost a week since I got them(frozen ofcourse). So I boiled these little dumplings up and was wondering how to get the spices inside, I decided to cut up these little things and smear some of the spices in, but I really don't know which one was which. Then I decided to fry them and garnish with some deep fried sliced onions. Its was amazing! I have absolutely no idea what I put in them, but these cute little potato and cheese pierogies turned out to be one of "the" most delectable things I've eaten(maybe a tad little bit of chauvinism there :D). I now have to find out what I put in it and ask my roomie what those spices really are. You should try them sometime, they're extremely easy to make and  well like I said, so so tasty!!!

Now having finished dinner, I was once again at an impasse, having no TV at home, I really needed to do something. I decided it was time to do the dishes(the pile of which has surprisingly become twice the size it was yesterday). So I started wiping them, and scrubbing them and then wiping them again. One whole tedious process later, I tell myself, "So that is why these dishes keep piling up, you never wash them to begin with", so I make a pact with myself to do the dishes as and when I use them(for the 13th time I think :D).

Now it is 7, and I'm still so jobless, that I decided to log into chat, and surprisingly its as if the cosmos is conspiring against me,  and there is not a single friend online. That is when my doorbell rang, and I'm finally relieved that one of my friends is here, but that relief soon goes away when she tells me that she was here to work on homework(which I finished 3 days back like good girl :DD). I said ok, and then she began ranting about how her relationship was not really working out and she'd probably split with her boyfriend of 5 years(Wow!). We kept talking and importantly for me, I was managing to get some of my time away. Then it was time for her to leave, and I decided to check up on blogher. I was so happy yesterday, when I saw that for the first time, one of my blogs had been read more than 500 tmes(2 sparkles too (-: ). 

Well this post is about as random as can be, but atleast it helped me take some time off my hands, well now its time to sleep, good night!!! :)


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