Adventures (or lack thereof) in Dating Week 1 Recap

4 years ago

Previously on “Adventures (or the lack thereof in Dating)” we found that our leading lady was.. well, not leading any one.. anywhere.  What has the past week taught her? Lets find out — ( to be read in the best Soap Opera Voice over voice you possess, please)

Seriously though, last week I posted that I was beginning a new adventure. Internet Dating! Apparently, it’s not as taboo as I thought, with a few of my comments coming from people who had experience with online dating (either personally or thru a friend/family member). That fact alone made me feel a bit better about starting to put my self out there..(albeit online)

I posted the profile that I wrote last week on a well known free dating site, and almost immediately got some nibbles. Like, with in seconds. A few of the messages were obviously blanket emails that men sent to any female , ranging from “Hello gorgeous how are you doin” toHi name is *****  “  ( SIDE NOTE– I promise you, the spelling ,  grammar and all syntax will be left EXACTLY the same as I received it). Then came this– this beautifully worded piece of poetry – “loved your profile a little about me i dont drink nor smoke nor do any drugs i lwasy make the first move. i pull out chairs on the first adte as give fowers as well as do a horse and carrige through the city of portland. i dont play games or deal any drama. i run 7 days a wekk and work out as well as well have a six pack since my weight loss. when i am in a reltionship i fight fro it everyday and plow through what erv obstacles we have to overcome. if this ound sright up your alley give me mesage oh yeah dont have cell phone nor facebook just a email and land line. moved back with my parenst to give them a helping hand in restore thier house and property”

How can a girl possibly ignore that?  Being the nice person I am, I responded with a nice “Hi, How are you?” Worst mistake ever, because then I got this  “ talking to the coolest chick on the plantnet your hot as helll any guy would lucky to have in thier life your ex’s loss my gain haahahahahah” … and so on and so forth.. every day since then I have received a message from him, usually stating why he’s awesome and listing the ways “… i know how to treat girl give her flowers rub her back give all the attention draw her bath”.

Sigh.. tumblr_ml99cuFUBy1qknhooo1_1280

I’m Terribly Awkward With Boys series (Maritza Lugo) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


There were a few good messages to come out of this week , There were two guys that  I actually exchanged numbers with as they were humorous, wrote with an amazing degree of intelligence  and seemed to have actually read my profile and asked questions about it. One of them has managed to engage me in a quite humorous conversation, and the other has yet to text me. The only drawback I have with these two is that I’ve yet to see a picture of the one I am currently in a text conversation with. The other has communicated only via this websites messaging system and has pictures up of himself. (wicked adorable, btw). But I hope that changes soon and he also starts texting me. 

All in all, I think this first week went well. 

Any one have any suggestions on how to attract more messages? What dating websites should I try or stay away from? 

Stay tuned for next Wednesdays installment of “Adventures (or the lack there of) In Dating.– Thanks for tuning in :)

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