90 Days

3 years ago

It’s coming up on 90 days………………….since I filed for divorce.

90 days.  3 months.  Winter to almost Summer.

Takes 90 days, in this state, to be divorced.  90 days to be SURE you WANT to be divorced.  To think it over, I suppose.

Yes, I DO want to be divorced, but it ain’t gonna happen in 90 days.  No way.  No how.  Not in this universe.  Nope.

And?  I made a CALENDAR counting DOWN the 90 days.  Sad?  Because, well, it isn’t going to BE 90 days.

I remember thinking:
Good GOD I’ll never get to 90 days
Good GOD why do they make us WAIT 90 days

Good GOD why does everything take so long
Good GOD I WISH I was divorced…now

90 days are about to come and go.  My original filing?  Well, that’s toast.  I’ve re-filed, as necessary.  I’ve been to court.  Been called into court again.  Sent 15,634 emails to my lawyer.  Read more about laws and such than I ever imagined.  Wished I never met him.  Then changed my mind, because of my boys, but wished he made his BIG decision about 4-5 years ago…then?  I WOULD BE FINISHED.  Free.  Alone.  Have some peace.  Maybe?

Now?  90 days of hooey.  90 days of crap.  90 days of learning stuff I surely had NO idea.  90 damn days.

90 days don’t mean poop…..let’s hope I can get this show OVER within the NEXT 90 days.

Why?  Because I’m finished.  He’s been finished.  And?  I need to go on my own way.  God knows he already has.

Here’s to Resolution ASAP or More Hateful Joy

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