8 Reasons I Love Condoms

4 years ago

Safe sex is the best sex, in my opinion.

“Safety” comes in many forms. You should feel safe with your partner, mentally, emotionally, and physically. There is a lot of trust that goes into having sex, even when you use physical barriers for protection. For most women, you’re receiving someone else inside your body, LITERALLY. I don't think we're as conscious of the gravity of these actions when engaging in sexual activity, but we should be.


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I decided to compile a list of why I absolutely LOVE condoms. I understand that for some women and men, condom use comes with complications related to allergies. While there are several options for condom materials, for a small percentage of people, condom use can lead to immense discomfort.

For the rest of you, here are some reasons why I love (and advocate the use of) condoms!

I Don't Want A Burning/Itchy Vagina

I’m not at all interested in contracting any nasty disease or infection that will turn my vagina into a burning, itchy mass of extreme discomfort down below. No ma’am. Not here for the burning bush, especially in the hot summer weather.

Condoms reduce HPV risk for women by 70% and HIV/AIDS by 85-95%. Read more about other ways condoms prevent STD/STI transmission.

Children Cost $300K Over The First 17 years Of Their Lives

Another thing I love about condoms? Children born in 2011 are going to cost their parents $300K over 17 years. Magnums? $6.47 at CVS. Let’s think about this. $6.47……………..$300K. Do you know what I can do with THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS??? I can buy a new car, pay off all my debt, and invest in a few small business to help grow that money into even more.

I Can Leave With The Same Number of Kids I Came To Bed With

You know what feels better than raw sex? Knowing that I can sleep with you, relentlessly, for 5 hours, and walk away with the same number of kids I had before. This is important to me at this juncture in my life. See #2 about the cost of providing for these little bastions of bad-assery.

Less Mess, Less Stress

Listen, you didn’t contribute money to these 600+ thread count Egyptian cotton sheets! Don’t have my bed looking like a CSI crime, I’m so serious. I much rather you deposit your man gravy in the condom. Let’s just keep it all the way real, folks. No amount of washing ever quite gets semen out of your good sheets.

If I Wanted To Have Sex With All of Those People, I Would

Every time you have unprotected sex with someone, you’re basically sleeping with every person s/he has has sex with. Think about that for a while. Yup. Every single one, you’re having sex with too. While I’m kinky and I love exploratory sexual activity, I’m not really here for having sex with all of your past/current partners. You chose me, and you chose a winner, but I can’t guarantee what other choices you’ve made.


It’s quite empowering to take personal responsibility for your sexual and reproductive health, especially as a woman. I think we have more power than we believe or have been led to believe in the past. Asking a man to wear a condom is about as empowering a sexual move a man-loving woman can make.

Abortion Can Be Very Difficult

I’ve had one. It is no fun. Trust me on this one. Pro-Choice doesn’t mean “Go have an abortion for the fun of it”. I don’t think anyone goes into having an abortion all gung-ho like “Woooohooo there’s a Black Friday sale on Abortions, girl! I’mma get me two!!” No. Doesn’t happen. I want it to remain a viable option, but I want more prevention education and resources so women don’t have to face that decision as often as many do now.

Condom Stamina Is Awesome

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that a lot men tend to have more stamina when having sex with condoms. The latex barrier seems to act as an agent of penile procrastination…and I love it! How many times have you had unprotected sex and the guy came the first time in like 2 minutes and 43 seconds.I’m so not a fan of that. If your guy has stamina issues, maybe condoms will help!

While safety is something that varies by person, I think it’s important to focus on some of the basic concepts when it comes to sexual safety. Getting tested is important. Knowing and trusting your partner is important. Taking as many preventative measures as possible is also important. Preparing yourself to handle any possible outcomes/consequences is important. All of this constitutes “Safety”.

Read people make when using condoms that decrease their effectiveness and educate yourself about how you might be inadvertently be putting yourself at risk.

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