Stumped for Valentine's Day? Try One of These 5 Unique Gift Ideas

3 years ago

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and when I think of this particular day the first thing that pops into mind are gifts. I’m not talking about traditional gifts like chocolate and roses; no I have some other things in mind. As a matter of fact, these are gifts that you can enjoy with a special someone but the majority of them can be enjoyed solo. Yes, solo. I know all about solo celebrations because I’ve been single for many years now but single girls deserve love too.  If you don’t love yourself first, who else is going to love you?? No matter what you are looking for in a Valentine’s Day gift, I’ve got it covered. Sexy, sensual or whimsical, these are ideas that are sure to make you smile!


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Check out a few unique ideas for unique Valentine’s Day Gifts -->


Play The Sensations Game




I was gifted this game at my bridal shower and I recommend it to all of my friends. It isn’t cheesy; it is actually quite sensual and truly sexy. In the game, you do various challenges with your partner and the “winner” gets a promise card for later but you have fun during the game too. It includes massage oil, a vibrator, and a blindfold. Lots of good fun for you and your Valentine!


Turn your shower into a spa -->


Turn Your Shower Up With Essio




Although I’ve never tried this product, I would love to own it. Imagine being able to turn your shower into an aromatherapy haven? I know a monthly spa day isn’t something that most of us have enough disposable income to do but a daily shower? We all take showers! This would make a shower pure nirvana and at a price of less than $50, a daily home spa experience that is quite affordable. I’d love this as a Valentine’s Day gift!


Time for some good vibrations -->


Feel the Vibrations of the Venus Butterfly II




This is the most risqué of all the gifts and it is the gift that keeps on giving. It can be used alone or with your significant other. I present to you the Venus Butterfly II. I don’t know about the first iteration of this contraption but I will tell you what I do know-- This is a personal massager that has both internal and external stimulation. It is wearable and it has a remote control. Are you intrigued yet? The premise is that you can give the remote device to your significant other and let him/her “control” the action or you can control it yourself. Great for a romantic evening at home or even at dinner....just be careful because I hear that it is kinda loud!


Dust off those “cobwebs” with something sexy -->


Sprinkle a Bit of Honey Dust Around




This is another very sensual gift. Honey dust comes with a feather duster and “dust” that you and a partner can gently caress each other’s body with. The dust is flavored so not only do you have the sensory pleasure of feeling the feather glide along your skin but you can follow up with a tasty tongue bath. Joy all around for both of you!


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Winking Heart Emoticon paperweight




This is the whimsical gift in the bunch. I saw this cute paperweight and had to add it to the list because I’d gift it to myself or even to my friends. We all need a little reminder of love in our lives, especially if like me you are single and spend a lot of time alone. I am frequently in front of a computer and having this paperweight by my side would make me smile and remind me of the love in my life. Both the love I have for myself and the love given to me by others.

It is my hope that among the things I’ve listed you can find the perfect gift for you or the one you love!


Renée J. Ross

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