5 Types of Men Deserving of a Burning Brick Thrown at Their Face.

4 years ago

Bored, Married Men

InfidelityJust as it says... they're BORED. Same thing day in and day out... they believe impressing someone who is NOT their significant other (S.O.) will improve their lives. Never mind that investing just as much effort into who they share their bed with, could be the spark needed to improve their REAL relationship.

Or I dunno... how about getting some COUNSELING? It's not sexy but it may prevent betrayal, broken trusts, aching hearts, and bruised egos... not to mention children (if there are any) who will need SERIOUS HEALING.

channing_tatumI've found myself in their arm's reach many times, especially since I've become single. And contrary to popular belief, being a single chick doesn't mean I chase after everyone's boyfriends & husbands (unless he's Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, or anyone on my Pinterest Eyecandy board...). The worst thing a man in a relationship can believe about a woman who's been cheated on (like ME, for instance), is that she'd get a kick out of being the one he's cheating WITH.

... how'd they know my life goal now is to settle for another chick's scraps??? SCORE!!

If a man in a relationship approaches me with bad intentions, I make it a point to let his S.O. know one way or another. It usually turns out UGLY... with the women accusing me of trying to break their relationships. One psycho even created a "Carmen is a Lying Whore" fan page, using her husband's name.

Real classy.

Where's the "Thank You for not only having morals & values and NOT entertaining my sleazy, unfaithful husband/boyfriend... but for also looking out for me & letting me know!" -- ????

I can understand the whole denial thing tho, believe me... who'd want ANYONE to disrupt their "secure & stable" relationship? Some of these women make an effort to be more present in their relationships, while most women continue turning a blind eye to their deteriorating relationship as their "men" go on chasing after other women.

Fact remains... NO ONE will EVER be able to say, in all honesty... "Carmen tried to steal my husband/boyfriend away from me."

Sad Little Peanut

pinky-gestureThey appear to be gentle & loving mama's boys, but only because these 30+ year olds are unable to impress anyone else. They're the seemingly sensitive and kind men who gravitate towards emotionally destroyed women because strong women who's got their sh*t together will see through their BS. They need to be the heroes & saviors... just to feed their own egos and compensate for their womanly physique and an incredibly small peen.

Not just small. INCREDIBLY small. And their artificial kindness makes their INCREDIBLY small man-part absolutely, positively unforgivable.

Did I mention they have INCREDIBLY small man parts? I'm beginning to get upset just thinking about it.

Abusive Ignorant Trolls

do-not-feed-the-trollsScums who rely on abusive words & actions because they don't have the mental & emotional ability to express themselves like healthy, intelligent people. Severe low self esteem issues here... and they prey on women who are also weak in that department.

They try to isolate you from your family & friends, claiming they're protecting you from everyone else... but their goal is to keep you under their control without a support system.

I've found that these men prefer chicks who have a ton of emotional/mental healing to do, are on the "simple minded" side of the scale... and if you don't speak or understand English very well... BONUS!

Horrible, manipulative gaslighters... as soon as I see the red flag (faint pink, even), I run for my life.

Endlessly Entitled Narcissists

narcissism-and-preachingThese men are charming and they know it... and they believe, from the bottom of their non-existent soul, that the women of the world OWES them happiness and all sorts of satisfaction.

It doesn't seem to dawn on these types that they sorta have to "be there" for the person they're involved with too. It's all about them, their days, their issues and their victories. I mean, c'mon now... after focusing on them 100% of the day, who else could your life be about?

But regardless of how much of your heart and soul you share... if you can't make 'em happy and celebrate them 100% - exactly THEIR way, they won't shine their love & sunshine with you. You'll be constantly left feeling unappreciated, neglected... alone.

Good news for them, there are more than enough chicks in this world who would put up with that kind of nonsense, believing these men will change in time.

Good news for you... YOU are NOT one of them.

Ego Massage Needer

ego-massageI didn't even know what to call these guys. These are men who have been emotionally hurt (possibly by a cheating wife/gf)... who always needs a harem of women gawking over them. I get it... you need a boost in your self esteem... I've been there. Nothing worse than the person who's supposed to love & adore you the most, choosing someone who is NOT you.

But honestly... constantly bringing up how many hot chicks with giant boobs you hang out with... the number of women you slept with in the last 24 minutes... how many teenage girls stalk you on Facebook... that's just painful to be around.

And as cool and attractive as you may believe you seem... we see desperate & pathetic. Please pull yourself out of that bad place as soon as possible and get yourself together.

Before I close up here... I realize women can be just as guilty of screwing with men's minds & kicking men's hearts around... but I'm not familiar with that POV and know only of my own experiences, so here they are.

Carmen (@NinjaMomDiaries) - a MOMMY, teacher, business owner, graphic designer, #cloudporn addict, and foodie... blogs at The Secret Diary of a Ninja Mom.

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