5 Rules for a Successful Date Night With Your Spouse

3 years ago

I used to be a pretty good “dater”, once upon a time. I mean, I’d show up looking stunning, make good conversation, provide my undivided attention, etc. So how is it that I can completely miss the mark on dates with my hubby?

Several years ago, we decided to start a bi-weekly “date night”. It sounded like a great idea and certainly something we could get some excitement out of. However, those first few date nights were anything but exciting; they were really more like business meetings sometimes. Eventually (and unfortunately) those dates became a thing of the past.

With that said, my husband and I have decided to start our date nights again, starting this Friday.


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So what’s gonna be different now from our last dating series, you ask? Well, I am proposing the following set of rules, yes RULES for our date nights:

Rule #1: Pre-set a Date, Time, and Dress Code

Date and time are pretty self explanatory, but the dress code thing is crucial in our marriage. I love to dress up, he loves to dress down. In the past, we could never get the wardrobes to match on our dates. I don’t mean his and her jumpsuits matching. More like I’m wearing a short black cocktail dress and heels, he’s wearing a Lakers jersey, jeans and sneakers. I understand the need for comfort, but can we at least switch up our Sunday Couch Potato look? This is a date, dress to impress!


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Rule # 2: Lighten up the conversation


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Date night dinner conversations should be at least fun, if not romantic. I get the fact that we are no longer trying to get to know each other, but work, bills, household chores, and lingering arguments should NEVER be date night conversations.


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Rule # 3: Ditch the cell phone

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…or at least limit the use to emergencies only. I am most guilty of using my cell phone at inappropriate times. Setting appointments, Facebook, and text messaging need to be put on hold while on a date. Since our daughters will be with a babysitter, it’s not smart to turn the cell phone off, but the babysitter should be the only one who gets an answered call!  Sorry, Mom! 


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Rule # 4: Treat it like it will be the last date for a while


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This one is probably the most important one because, well, this might be the last date for while. Bi-weekly dates are an ideal, but when there are kids involved, you know anything can hinder your plans at anytime.


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Rule # 5: The date doesn’t end at the front door

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Let this be one perk of being married – there’s never a dilemma as to whether or not to let him in at the end of the date. Go ahead and finish off the date through the next morning! Wake up the next day gleaming over how great the date was and talking about how much you look forward to the next..for old times sake. Then…back to reality!


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