41 Reasons the World is Lucky to have Single Ladies Over 41

3 years ago

In case you ever wondered... Single Women on the Sweet Side of 40 are God's Gift to the World. 


1. We are Great Aunts, literally and figuratively, to offspring with or without biological ties. We are the fun aunts, the aunts nieces love to hang out with. Every girl needs an Aunt Beth. Even me.


2. We let Big Sisters boss us around and Little Sisters pester us (except me, I was never a pest). We love them and they love us in a way only someone you shared a room with can.


3. We are able-bodied babysitters. We can practically guarantee nobody will bleed.


We can practically guarantee nobody will bleed.


4. We have smaller carbon footprints.


5. The PANKs* among us work extra hours so you can go to the play or game. (*Professional Aunt No Kids)


6. We volunteer. Tip: Don’t tell us to do charitable works to find/get over a man. That takes the fun out.


7. We build communities. We get involved in projects to benefit the whole neighborhood, not just the PTA. (Not that there is anything wrong with the PTA.)


8. We provide stability. There are 12 single women who live alone on my block and we are staying. The couples move when baby #2 comes along or baby #1 reaches school age.


9. We show up. We are physically there when you need us.


10. We are the best best friends and we can be the best friend for several, assorted cohorts.


11. We take you out. We are the cure for bored. Fighter pilots envy our wingman skills.


12. We leave you alone. We understand you are busy. (So are we, btw.)


13. We leave you alone. We understand when you just want to hunker down. We will still, well, #9 if you need us.


14. We like to be left alone. We are not lonely, and we are probably less lonely than our coupled counterparts.


15. We are “company.” Wherever we go, we add fun. Something is different, and better, as soon as we arrive.


16. You don’t have to worry about us. Really. Please stop. Especially stop worrying about #14.


Nothing Shocks Us. Been There, Done Him


17. We are entertaining. We have adventures, maybe in dating, maybe in traveling, maybe last Friday night. We always have a story.


18. We are good for the local economy. We eat out. A lot.


19. We are good for the regional economy. We buy 20% of all houses sold, and more than that in certain urban areas.


20. We are good for the national economy. We fill our houses with art, clothing, pets and shoes. And appliances we seldom use. (Damn you Dr. Suess)


21. We are good at connecting. We have more relationships and the freedom to pursue them. (So #16!)


22. We subsidize almost everybody via taxes. On a per capita basis, we pay more than our fair share.


23. Ditto health insurance.


24. Ditto family, sometimes via transfer payments, or sometimes because math is weird for singles when the bill gets divided with couples.


25. We are proud and grateful to be able to subsidize family.


26. We are “Danger Pal.” We leap to mind in a single bound when you want an adventure.


27. We vote. Young chums concerned with birth control might not box with a ballot but women with mortgages do.


28. We are resilient. We bounce- although it may look like a ricochet or boomerang at times.


29. We don’t believe in princes and fairy tales but if you want to, it’s all good.


30. We can keep secrets.


31. We have great guest rooms, and are great hostesses.


32. We are saving as much as we possibly can on one salary for retirement.


33. We would rather pay for help than impose, now and after retirement.


34. We are the first (fill in the blank), we took you to your first (fill in the blank) and/or we are the first and only person who knows (fill in the blank).


35. We tame the feral cat population but we are not crazy cat ladies. Because. There. Is No. Such. Thing.


36. We adopt dogs and OPC*, legally and figuratively. (*Other people’s children)


37. We are good, quiet neighbors, tenants and guests.


38. Nothing shocks us. We have been there & done him. Made every mistake and an ass of ourselves in the process.


39. We know when you want advice and when you want permission. We carefully give neither.


40. We can conduct entire conversations that do not involve children.


41. We have selective memories, which sounds evil but is really empathy in disguise.


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