40 Days of Singleness: There's Always That One Guy

4 years ago

There’s always that one guy who calls himself your friend, but never talks to you unless you initiate it.

There’s always that one guy who says he likes you but he doesn’t talk to you unless he’s trying to screw

There’s always that one guy who says he loves you but he has a girlfriend

There’s always that one guy who treats you right, but doesn’t love you the way you need.

There’s always that one guy whom you love, but you know you just aren’t ready

There’s always that one guy to whom you’re attracted, but you know he’s trouble.

There’s always that one guy…


And for some reason they all decide to return, be it in thought, or in reality whenever I go through a breakup.  Random texts, random calls, random thoughts, and I am always left wondering "How did THAT happen?" or "Where did THAT come from?" 

My friend, whom we affectionately call "Bug" has a theory. She says "Balls tingling". Apparently it works as some sort of a sixth sense; when a girl a guy likes turns up single, their radar goes off, and all of a sudden, there is a random text in her inbox. 
At first, I didn't believe it, and then I went through my relationship dark ages.  Liked a guy, it didn't work, dated another guy, and then out of "nowhere" the other magically appears in my inbox. 

Unfortunately for me, I haven't always been able to see the balls tingling behavior coming. I have fallen prey to it more than once, but now when I see it, I run. I don't have anymore patience for trusting someone who can't commit to me with my heart. That may work for others, but like LL, I need love, but I need it the way I need it. No shame.  

That is why, there will always be that one guy


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