33 Holiday Gifts to Give your BF, BFF, and your Baby

8 months ago
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Whether it’s a gift for your BF, BFF, or your Baby (no really, your child), the two keys are: Communication and Thought.

The #1 holiday gift mistake made is lack of communication.

The #2 holiday gift mistake made is lack of thought.


How important are the holidays to your partner? How have they historically spent them? Ask questions and tell stories about what the holidays mean to eachother. What your favorite holiday memories are. How do you spend the holidays? Not only are you learning more about your partner, about their family, friends, traditions, and values, but you are also learning their preferences when it comes to gifts- both giving and receiving. Talking about the holidays can be very revealing.


More than anything else, your gift should be thoughtful. As you are talking about the holidays, you can even ask what their favorite gifts are that they have received over the years. Again, you are collecting information. Do they value experiential gifts, the gifts of time, or a certain type of present? This doesn’t mean that you need to ask: “What do you want for the holidays?” But if you listen you will be able to come up with at least a preferred style, and from there you can select something that has the highest chances of them loving.

So what do you give? Here are ideas to give your BF, BFF, and your Baby.


Where are my… Found it!- Chipolo

“Where are my keys?”

“Have you seen my wallet?”

“I can’t remember where I put my phone.”

If you’d like to give your love (hubby, daughter, or self) a little relief from this recurring home search, this teeny bluetooth tracker has to be on your gift list. The gadget just might become your favorite gift ever given (especially if it saves 15 minutes every time you leave your house).

Trash Talking- SimpleHuman Voice Activated Trash Can

He likes gizmos and gadgets and robots and AI. And while those are fun, what he loves even more is when day-to-day life essentials are intelligent! Suddenly your guy is going to love cleaning, because all he has to do is voice command his new simplehuman can to open.

Personal Handy Man- GoPak

Can we please admit that a handy guy, who can fix things around the house (and is excited to pull out his tool kit to do it) is sexy?! And while your guy likes the idea of power tools and even has a perfect garage for projects, he hasn’t flexed his handyman muscles… yet. This power GoPak System starter kit, complete with four necessary tools plus a freaking amazing battery pack that doubles as a mobile charging station for cell phones and other devices, is about to make your man super sexy and your “honey-do” home fixes list quickly checked off. Oh… not to mention that this is also the perfect gift for your female BFF (or for I-can-do-it-myself self!).

Something Sexy- MeUndies


Alright, I’m getting personal now. My guy and I have lingerie night every Wednesday night. And while I make sure to deck myself out in a new sexy something each week, he always feels less than festive in his normal night wear. Not anymore! This year, I’m surprising him with super soft, flatteringly fitting, boxer briefs with exciting patterns (like red and white striped candy canes) to help up his Lingerie Wednesday game and be part of the festivities! Our Wednesdays will never be the same again with MeUndies. 

Pamper Him- Indie Lee

Though giving your guy body oil and bath salts might not seem like a “normal” holiday gift, treating him to a night physical pampering could be exactly what he never knew he wants more than anything else. Little know secret: most men LOVE when their women pamper them with at-home spa treatments. Even the most manly men. Indie Lee’s Jasmine Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit Citrus are intoxicatingly sexy and so good you might want to lick it off his skin (but don’t).

Oh, and during your night of pampering, set the stage by creating a sexy environment with Starling’s handsome black glass candles with scents that combine flowers and musks, creating santal-type scents that both man and women can’t get enough of. Plus, the sale of each Starling Project candle provides solar energy to an under-resourced community via UNICEF.

On the Go Eye/Head Pillow- Voyage

If he’s outdoorsy and likes to sleep under the stars on the terrain, or he’s always on the go and practically calls his second home a plane, he is going to love this Voyage Pillow that is an eye cover/pillow. The comfy strap keeps the pillow perfectly in place and doubles as a cover for the eyes to help bring on darkened sleep. 

ALL He Needs- KeySmart Pro


His childhood Swiss Army Knife was his first gadgety love.  Since then he has searched for a comparable all-in-one that services all of his evolved grown-up needs. The search is officially over! KeySmart Pro with Tile (which raised over $600k with their Kickstarter launch) consolidates all of your keys, has a Bluetooth tracker that hooks up with your phone (so that you don’t lose that either), an LED light, a rechargeable battery, and of course a bottle opener- obviously.

Love his Stomach- LaTienda Paella and Churros AND Chocolate 

Date nights aren’t just about going out, sitting across the table in a busy restaurant and attempting to have a romantic conversation while ignoring the regular interruptions from the server. Do you know what’s intensely better- both as a shared experience and an opportunity to deepen and expand your relationship? Staying in and cooking together! Shared experiences and working towards a common goal are shown to bond couples. Make that common goal to prepare paella for dinner, then churros and chocolate for dessert and you have perfected the date night. Not to mention that LaTienda Mini Paella is sexy to make and the Churros and Chocolate are sexy to eat. Enjoy! 

Elevate your Breakfast in Bed Game- Crepe Maker

Breakfast in bed always feels special. Elevate your morning game from a simple cup of coffee and cereal to a seemingly fancy crepe! You’ll be shocked by how easy it is to whip up with CucinaPro’s Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker. It’s a gift that is more than a present, it’s an experience that you can give as often as you like, and starts your man’s day infused with a feeling of love. Afterall, the key to a man’s heart is the stomach. Just ask Meghan Markle how she got Prince Harry to propose (hint: it has something to do with the “Marriage Chicken.”)

Spice Up His Life… in the Kitchen- Salt Sampler

If he’s a foodie, he appreciates what good salt does to enrich the taste of food. If he’s a foodie and likes to cook, he will love taste testing and enhancing his dishes with a pinch of Pinot Noir Salt, or maybe the Rosemary Salt, then maybe rimming his specialty margaritas with Habanero Salt! With this 6-Vial Salt Sampler with Branded Wood Holder by Jacobsen Salt Co, he has many options for even more deliciousness. 

A Daily Foot Massage- Bed of Nails

It’s important to transition from day to night, changing your mind and your mood for business to romance. But your guy (or you) typically comes home stressed and in need for a quick reset to begin the evening activities, minus the stress of the work day. Meditation is an option. So is going for a run. Some turn to wine to take the edge off. A bed of nails works too. Not literally a bed of nails, though pretty close! The non-painful pointy mat triggers healing pressure points on the feet and, within 5 minutes, can ease off the edge and reset the evening. It’s like treating him to a foot reflexology massage every night!

Personal Craft Cocktails- Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon

Food delivery services that portion and prep your ingredients, make it easy for you make restaurant-quality meals at home, introducing you to new flavors, recipes, and foods. And then you sit down to a redundant bottle of wine or same old vodka soda. The reason you like going to bars is because of the craft cocktails served, that give your palette (in addition to your brain) a buzz. Shaker & Spoon, a monthly cocktail subscription box, is up-leveling your at-home cocktail game by curating and boxing all of the ingredients for interesting drinks that you can make yourself- plus recipes to direct you. Each month you get 3 original recipes built around one variety of liquor, making date-night an at-home affair (with no need to get in the car and drive home in order to get busy).

Now all you need is the actual alcohol. Try Egan’s Vintage Grain Irish Whiskey, The Bitter Truth Pink Gin (it’s the new rosé)

For the Robot Nerd- Cozmo

Your man is a bit of a geek. And you kind of love that slightly ridiculous side of him. It’s time to indulge it. The Cozmo Collector’s Edition robot has a new sleek liquid metal finish and an app that helps even further bond your man to his robot by helping to intuitively program the two new besties to be even more in sync.

Solar Energy for Your Outdoorsy Guy- Fuse 6W

He prefers experiences to things. And getting out in the wilderness for a long trek is his ideal adventure. Help him stay charged up while out there with the Fuse 6W portable solar charger that easily attaches to his hiking pack or bike rack.

Good Old Drinking Days- FrutaPOP

When you do something great, he sends you flowers. When he has something to celebrate, send him a boozy bouquet! Champagne is great for any occasion. But add a bit of old-time college fun by saying “good job” and enjoying a buzz on a FrutaPOP_ basically a bouquet of alcohol-infused ice pops in flavors like Apple Cider Bourbon, Pear & Apple Cider Sangria, Sparkling Pear Prosecco or Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Plus they are made from natural ingredients and without added sugars.


L O V E – Adornia Love necklace


Got a lover of LOVE? They will obsess over this L O V E necklace with attitude with the drop down L that tantalizingly drops down between her cleavage. Super sexy! If LOVE feels too cliché for your BFF, opt for B A E, or N A S T Y, or B O S S. The statement necklaces will make a statement and stand out as a favorite gift for your attention-seeking BFF.

Personalized, Individualized- Thoughtfully

More than anything else, the best gifts are thoughtful. But sometimes you don’t have time to think about it. That’s where Thoughtfully comes in. They put the thinking into gift, curating gift boxes that somehow are always “perfect” for whoever you’re giving to. Oh, and Oprah loves them too. It’s one of her “favorite things.”

Perfect Hair- Tyme Iron

She’s the one who seems to have it all together! But behind the scenes she spends time dedicated to upholding the picture perfection. Still, every woman needs the tools to make that magic happen, keeping her mane sexy straight or casually curled. Help her out! The TYME Iron does both straightening and curling (4 different types) in mere minutes. Plus it comes in rose gold. Rose all day… starting first thing in the morning!

The Hostess Queen- Martha Stewart Wine Company

Martha Stewart Wines

You trust her to tell you what to eat, and the recipe to make that delicious feast. She might know a thing or two about what wines best pair with your food, helping to make the dinner even more impressive! Martha Stewart Wine Company is the ultimate hostess gift, especially for the hostess who is one of your most dear friends. That’s because you can give them a subscription, sending them wine throughout the year as a holiday gift that truly keeps on giving. 

Beauty in the Best Light- SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror

Beauty is important. A vanity that is intuitive, altering light and adjusting brightness to ensure that her mirror always reflects her face in the best possible light as she applies her feature-enhancing makeup.

Add a Mineral Fusion smoky velvet eye palette and she is set to go out for a girls night! 

Nailing it!- Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit

Gels keep her nails always looking perfectly polished, without the chipping frustration or weekly nail salon fuse. Now she can paint them herself like a pro.

Grow Love with Me- Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono designed this truly a magical bean that emerges from the dirt with “love” inscribed on the bean. Freaking awe-some.

Grow Love with Me by Yoko Ono is a perfect and unique gift!

Secret Sister- Adorn512 Morse Code Bracelet

Your sister (or sister from another) and you have always had your own secret language. This super delicate bracelet simply says “sister” in Morse Code. It’s a constant reminder of your secret connection.

YOUR BABY (not your “baby,” but your actual child)

Old School Fun- IVI 3D Play Carpets


Free time doesn’t have to be filled with video games and ipads. Real fun is interactive, engaging the imagination and letting your child get lost in fantasy. That collection of cars, trucks, and emergency vehicles will now put to life-like use as they drive along the streets, save people in buildings, and explore their personal Mini City that isn’t just in your child’s mind, but also in living color on the floor. 

Unicorns and Glitter- Celestial Collection Makeup

If she loves unicorns and makeup, you are golden (and glittering) with this celestial collection of iridescent and holographic eyeshadow palettes, to glitter lip kits, and a touch of fairy dust to unleash her inner sparkle.

Enchanted Eye Palette, Lip Glitter Kits, Celestial Chrome Lip Toppers, Glitter Kits, 

Read and Sing- Pinkfong singalong books

Your child loves to read books. He also loves to sing songs. Now the two are combined in Pinkfong’s fun learning songbooks that provide healthy entertainment, allowing kids to singalong as they learn words and characters. It is so much better than putting an ipad in their hand. Learning is officially fun.

Drink like a Super Hero- S’well water bottle

In case they need the reminder of their super hero status (or the reminder to drink more water), S’well makes it easy. And anyway, it’s way cooler to walk around with a reusable superman, Swarovski, unicorn, or lips water bottle than a see-through plastic disposable or a drink box with a big apple on it. Make water cool again, while affirming that, yes, they ARE Superman.

Garden Adventures- Show Me the Green books

You both love to get dirty in the garden. The different is that when you put your hands in the dirt it’s to help your flowers grow. When your little man puts his hands in dirt, it’s to pull those flowers out! Teach them young about the beauty and benefits of the garden by reading stories about green adventures. You might even bud a foodie and lover of organic fruits and vegetables.

Cupcakes, Cookies, and Red Velvet- DIY Dessert

Baking cupcakes, cookies, and creative desserts is a bonding experience with delicious benefits. The monthly DIY dessert kit will allow you to create a fun recurring tradition that you will both look forward to (both the baking and the eating). DIY dessert kit

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