3 2014 Wedding Trends: Hot, Unique, and Totally Doable!

4 years ago

Image: Emily May via Flickr

June is here, which means the wedding season is officially in full swing! Congratulations to you brides-to-be—and to all of you offering tons of support to those in your lives about to take that big step. Looking through a list of the 10 Hottest Wedding Trends for 2014 on The Knot, three of them really caught my eye.

The Unplugged Wedding

Image: © Leonard Ortiz/The Orange County Register/ZUMAPRESS.com

I recently wrote about whether or not hashtagging your wedding ceremony is the best idea. Based on the comments, the idea is very divisive. On one hand, it can be perfect for those our-of-towners who couldn't make the wedding (or the invite list—hey, it happens). On the other, enthusiastically encouraging the social media aspect can be seen as a distraction from the ceremony, which should be everyone's primary focus.

More and more people are requesting attendees to leave their phones in their pockets or purses, so the idea likely won't seem too off the wall to your guests. I gotta say that I dig it! Unplug and focus. It's only a few hours.

Jeweled Necklines for Bridal Gowns

Image: TrudysBrides.com

I LOVE this look. There is something so regal about a woman's neck being adorned in jewels—it's perfect for any queen's wedding day.

The jeweled neckline is flattering to every body type and shape, and it draws attention upward towards the bride's glowing face. This style also works well anywhere: in the winter or summer, in a house of worship or on the beach.

Creative On-Site Photo/Video Options

Image: Jesus Leon via Flickr

Set up an old-school photo booth, so your guests can take quick candids and capture their emotions—for them and for you. Or have a booth with a recording device set up, so guests can stop by and record a short video for you.

Even easier, why not set up "Do It For The Vine" booth, where guests can record a short, looped video and post it to an official account set up just for your wedding? That way, you can go back to the account and scroll through the funny, silly, or heart-warming messages from your guests to you. Bonus? You can share them with people who didn't make the wedding.

Enjoy your wedding planning, and make it your OWN. This is your special day. While others will have tons of input, the final decisions are for you and your beloved. Nothing is too unique or daring, if you're happy with it at the end of your wedding night.

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