20 Ideas For Original, Empowering and Actually Life-Changing Resolutions for 2014

3 years ago


Bored of the same old resolutions every single year - go to the gym, eat healthy, find/keep/dump a guy etc. Well, here is our YEAR IN REVIEW - RESOLUTIONS FOR 2014 Mash Up from ReclaimingPink

For 2014 Reclaiming Pink Suggests….

1. I resolve to work hard on my romantic and platonic relationships rather than just 'letting them happen' (Settle for Less)

2. I resolve to think before I bitch about another girl (The Science of Bitchy)

3. I resolve not to buy an item of clothing that doesn't fit me in the hopes that I can fit into it in the future (Is Your Body Wrong?)

4. I resolve to always act and dress like I have more going for me than simply sex appeal (Sexy Little Everything and Followers of the Code)

5. I resolve to build at least 5 friendships that are selfless - focused on the other person rather than on my own happiness (Winning Friends)

6. I resolve to take more of a leadership role in my community (Babies In The Office)

7. I resolve to set some boundaries in my social/romantic relationships and keep to them (In Dependence)

8. I resolve to start a diet on the amount of criticism I dish out (The War of Moms)

9. I resolve to give to people in an intelligent and thoughtful way (Blown Away)

10. I resolve to only 'put out' when I know its the 'real thing' (Girls in the Business)

11. I resolve to be honest with myself even if I don't like what I hear or it isn't the 'cool thing' to say (Sex and Lies)

12. I resolve to choose one person I know and become their personal cheerleader for the year (Little Miss Negative)

13. I resolve to stop letting my past hold me back from making different choices in the future (Born Again Virgin)

14. I resolve to control my social media rather than allowing social media to control me by writing a new social media policy for myself (Dating on Speed and I'm Being Used)

15. I resolve to codify and improve my work life balance (Life Style Choices)

16. I resolve to promote and support strong female rolemodels on my social media sites, with my friends and to my family (Something Different & Go With The Flow)

17. I resolve to believe myself to be beautiful and strong regardless of anything, even my own actions (Just Women)

18. I resolve to redefine what is cool in my life (The Mommy Who Can)

19. I resolve to never be complicit in an act that hurts another woman (Forgive or Forget Him)

20. I resolve to celebrate my womanhood on a daily basis and reclaim it as a powerful identity (Being That Guy)

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