11 Actions to Prioritize Your Relationship

3 years ago


Love is divine. 

You deserve love and be loved. For the majority of people, romantic love is the most worthwhile aspect of their lives. Many have fallen prey to Hollywood’s idealized version of love; however, romantic love is not inherent. 

You have to deliberately work at your relationship to cultivate the techniques necessary to have a healthy abiding love. The good news is with perseverance, and deliberate, proactive action, couples can conquer any obstacles in their paths to have a happy and lasting relationship. 

Romantic love is dissimilar to other types of love; its uniqueness is due to the intimacy you have with your partner. You gain a oneness that goes beyond words to an inner acknowledgment that you and your partner have become one flesh. 

In spite of this oneness, unless the relationship is a priority for both partners, you will begin to drift apart. A few minor adjustments to your lifestyle will keep the love alive, increase your intimacy, and give you a lasting love.  

11 Actions to Prioritize Your Relationship

Daily Schedule Time Together

Listening is caring

Date Night
Weekly have a night of romance 

Sharing chores says, “I love you!”

Use words of encouragement


Never minimize your partner or their contributions

Be positive

Boost your partner’s self-image

Prefer your mate over yourself

It’s finding a resolution; not about who is right

Never disparage your partner; even in jest 


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