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8 years ago

The Love Story begins…Just like this pillow (see pillow #1) my life is not perfect and it is very rough around the edges.

However, I feel that life and God bring you exactly what you need
when you need it and God brought me John at a very crucial point in my

2006 was a terrible year for me and my family. This part of the
story is a bit of a downer, but is important to tell because it is a
huge part of who I am. I had never experienced sadness so deeply until
January 22, 2005. That was the day my beautiful, 29-year-old brother
died unexpectedly of complications from a rare disease called A Plastic

He was perfectly healthy all his life, but one morning he woke up
feeling sick and a week later went to the doctor for tests. A week
after that, he ended up in the hospital. He literally got sick,
diagnosed and died all within nine weeks. It was the worst thing in the
world to watch this tall, strong, young man suffer and become incapable
of simple life’s pleasures like picking up his newborn baby. His death
was devastating. He left behind four young children and his high school
sweetheart who he married right after graduation. They were married for
ten years. My sister-in-law, only 27 at the time, was incapable of
picking up the pieces of this tragedy, so my mother and I came together
and promised to help her raise their children. It has been a tough road
and every day I pray that my mother, sister-in-law and I stay healthy
and strong to raise the kids to be happy, fulfilled adults.

In October of 2006 I needed a mental health break. After loosing my
brother, ending a long term relationship, losing my job and adjusting
to everything that had happened, I woke up one morning and decided to
book a flight to LA to visit a friend. My dear friend Joel knew I
needed to be distracted and do something different so he invited me to
spend the day with him in Malibu while he worked. He was working on a
pilot for a cooking show doing all the preliminary work out of a house
in Malibu. I went along for the ride and who could complain about
spending the day in a beautiful house on top of a mountain with a view
of the Ocean. To me, this was paradise. I had spent the last year and a
half in emotional darkness and being in this gorgeous setting awakened
my soul.

Jan, the woman who Joel was working for was so incredible and her
and I instantly connected. You know that feeling you get once in a
great while where you know deep down in your heart that people are
brought into your life for a reason, well, Jan is one of those people
for me. She immediately took me in like a bird with a broken wing and
offered me the opportunity to start healing my wounds. At the end of
the day, she looked over at me and said, “It’s happy hour.” The three
of us spent the evening talking, eating and drinking and before I left
that night she offered me a chance to work with them for two weeks. I
accepted and came back the next day. I was hired to do PR for the
sponsors who were funding the pilot.

In the middle of the afternoon John out of nowhere showed up,
noticeably frustrated and not happy to see me sitting at his desk. I
introduced myself to him and he just dismissed me and asked Jan to talk
to her in private. I looked at Joel and said, “What a Jerk!”

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