10 Ways to Turn Up Your Sex Life!

3 years ago

It is important to exude confidence and class while in social situations. Social norms dictate how we should carry ourselves. However it is also important to recognize what satisfies our desires. Desire is an important aspect in life, it creates a want for something and if you meet that want, then you can have something very gratifying. How do you feel about your sex life? Is it fulfilling? Are you doing your part to make it what it should be?

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We hear all the time that “I used to be kinky when I was dating but once we got married our sex life fizzled out.” Is this what is happening to our society? Are we getting too comfortable and allowing one of the most important aspects of a relationship to just ‘fizzle’ out? Or should you try to always evolve  and once in a while go over and beyond your comfort level, if you are in a safe and committed relationship? Being erotic is very important because people are programmed to crave the tingly sensation that being erotic ellicits.  Just remember that we all only live once so make the most of it. If you do not satisfy each other’s erotic side, it may create issues in your relationship or even worse the act of giving up. There are so many ways to elevate your sex life. Here are a few to make your sexual experiences more fulfilling:

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1. Read books that will get your imagination flowing. We love the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy or The Bared to you Trilogy. 

2. Have sex on a regular basis. Yes…even if you are too tired. We understand that there are a lot of obstacles when it comes to finding the time and having the energy but it is important to try to be intimate at least twice a week.  We like to do it more often then that but at least twice so you stay connected and turned on by each other.

3. Be adventurous in bed. Try out different items like blindfolds and handcuffs to allow a more submissive side of you into the bedroom. We are not saying that in your daily life, there needs to be any submissiveness but in the bedroom, it can open new doors that you may really enjoy.

4. Be intimate by trying new ways to touch each other. Give each other a massage. Touching each others bodies can increase the arousal factors and allow for you to get more in the mood. Touch is so sensuous and if done in the right way, can help open your partner up to new experiences. Get some lotion or oil and get started. Since you know each other well, you can venture to areas that a professional masseuse never should.

5. Even if you are out on a date night, try to make subtle gestures that show that you are into each other. Touch each others hands or small of the back. Caress each others arms. These light touches can be just as stimulating as the final act.  If you like, have some drinks to get the party started when you get home!

6. Try out a different area of your home or office to change it up. The same old is just that, the same old, so make sure to try out different locations of your house. i.e. the living room, your office, the shower. Make it exciting so it doesn’t get boring.

7. Try out different positions. While we all have our favorite positions, change it up  to keep it interesting.  You can’t always do the same thing…when there are so many options. FYI- it is usually easier for a woman to get off when she’s on top, plus guys the view is great!

8. Wear sexy lingerie. If your partner doesn’t have sexy lingerie then go get them some. Some great sites are: Victoria’s Secret, 3 wishes and Fredericks of Hollywood. There is something for everyone. Sexy silky pajamas can also be really flattering and the soft silky material against your body can be a turn on too.

9. Don’t hold back compliments. Tell each other how good their new hair cut is or how great their outfit looks. Take notice that their eyes look beautiful. Compliments can go a long way…

10. Be chivalrous. We love gentlemen no matter how strong of women we are. Open our doors, pull out our chairs, and make sure your date has what they need. Walking around the car to open the door can make a woman feel really special. The chain of effects will most likely give them that tingly feeling that you are trying to achieve for future fun!

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We hope this helps you turn up the volume on your sex life and relationship!


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