10 Ways Not to Sabotage Yourself, Guys

3 years ago

We have heard it many times before. “What do women want?  They are so hard to read.  She expects so much from me.” This is not always the case guys.  Women can be easy to read and interpret if you put in a little effort and attempt to understand their expectations.   We want things done right, we want to be spoken to with respect and we want some help around the house, once in a while.   It is not that hard right?

 Why Fighting Is Good for Couples

Follow these 10 tips and you will be sailing on smooth waters.  Deviate too much and you will be in the dog house, which is NOT a place you want to be.

1. Don’t- beat around the bush- If you don’t want to do something or go somewhere then say so.  We would rather you not go with us, then go, be grumpy and bring us down.
Do- make plans that you know we will enjoy together and if you do have to tag along on a not so desirable outing, then do it with a smile.  Believe us, in girl world, that two hours of somewhat boredom is a lot less painful then what could be the aftermath of ruining something that we enjoy.

2.  Don’t you dare say something looks FINE or OK.  When we ask you how we look in something, these sort of answers make us pissed off and question what we look like.
Do- use descriptive adjectives. Say things like: that dress looks great on you, I love your hair, you look sexy, hot.  Say anything that you know lifts them up.

3. Don’t- fall into the trap of being too comfortable.  Women want to feel special and loved.  If you are just going through the motions and not showing her how much you care, the love of your life may just get fed up and leave.
Do- Sound excited when she calls, smile when you see her.  Bring flowers once in a while.  Out of the blue surprises are always the best.

4. Don’t-forget to do something when you say you will do it.  We hear it all the time “so and so forgot to put the laundry in the dryer, so and so forgot to pick the kids up from school, so and so forgot to call me when he knew I was getting a big promotion.  Guess what guys…this only makes us disappointed. Women and disappointment don’t mix.
Do- Be your word.  If you say you will do something, put it in your smart phone calendar and do it.  Be reliable and dependable and this in turn will make you loveable and admired.


5. Don’t- bottle up your emotions and not communicate.  Just because you think the situation will go away if you ignore it, it won’t.  We will always find a way to bring it back up to you in the future when a similar situation arises.
Do- Cool down, be rational and then discuss the topic that needs to be addressed.  Believe us, it is in your best interest to just grab the bull by the horns so it doesn’t bite you in the a%$ later!

6. Don’t- talk condescendingly to us. Sometimes you may try to get your point across and talk in a way that is rude or disrespectful. There is the occasion that we will overlook this but catch us at the wrong time and you may see a side of us that resembles Medusa.
Do- think before you speak and deliver what you say in a way that doesn’t make you look like a jerk. Any woman with pride will get fed up with constant abuse and eventually put you in your place. 

7. Don’t- stare at hot women when they walk by.  This is rude to the woman you are with and may make her feel inferior or not good enough. 
 Compliment your woman on her positive attributes and remember that you are lucky to be with her.  Of course once in a while if an attractive person walks by it is ok to notice but don’t gawk and overdue it as you will come off as a douche-bag.

8. Don’t- expect your wife/girlfriend to do all the work around the house.  A lot of households have dual working parents. Don’t expect your wife to work a full time job, have a home cooked meal waiting when you walk in the door and do the lion’s share when it comes to the kids.
Do- Help out with laundry, the grocery shopping, taking the trash out, taking the kids to after school activities and cooking us a meal. Every girl loves to have a meal cooked for them. Check out this article on Gastrosexuality. Yes, there is a term for men being more attractive when they cook for us. You don’t even have to know how,  just follow a recipe and we will be flattered that you tried.  At the end of the day, we will really appreciate all of the extra help and will reward you in many ways!

Man Cooking for Woman

9. Don’t- plan trips without checking in with your wife/girlfriend.  Don’t just inform her that you are going on a guys ski trip next weekend and then going to Vegas in 2 months with your college buddies.
 Do-  Check in with your wife/girlfriend and let her know that you would love to go on these 2 guy trips if that works for both of you.  Then let her know that you are going to take her away in a few weeks for a surprise trip just the two of you or with the whole family.  It’s ok to have your guy trips but make sure your wife/girlfriend is a priority.

10. Don’t- forget your manners and don’t forget that a lot of girls like chivalry.  Even if they are strong, independent women most women like to feel cared for and feminine.
 Do- Be a gentleman.  Open doors, place your hand on the small of her back, open doors for her, offer your coat when it’s cold, get her car washed as a surprise and the list goes on and on.  Think of how you would want someone to treat your mom or daughter and make sure to treat your wife/girlfriend with the same respect and love.




Couple making heart 


Follow these tips to help you maintain a happy relationship. We are by no means saying that men are the only ones that cause turmoil but merely trying to help you wade through the waters. We will have one for ladies coming up soon. XOXO ~T2B

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