#Zombiemoms Unite

20 days ago

Once upon a time, staying up til 4 clubbing and drinking enough illusion shakers to have a nasty hangover at work the next day was the kind of fodder me and my girlfriends laughed about the following week. Now, with 2 kids I know that if I am up all night this is not going to matter to them the next day. Chances are if one keeps me up during the night, the other is going to be full of beans the next day. There is no rest for the wicked or mothers. Their will be no sleeping in the next day, and no funny booze fueled stories to tell, only stories about dirty nappies, feeding issues and being jolted out of sleep by a screeching baby.

If you find yourself at 3AM sitting in a brain fuzz feeding your wee one while at the same time trying to stay awake or even understand why your child is awake tonight when previously they slept through the night, now you can get on twitter and check out the #zombiemoms hashtagStarted out of Canada (holla to my homies!), the #zombiemoms hashtag has been adopted by mothers on Twitter who in essence due to late night feeds, midnight wake up calls and early morning disruptions go about their days as zombies.

Do I know that feeling? Hells to the ya! #zombiemoms is a great place to chat with other sleep deprived mamas as well as get a second opinion in the dead of the night about your child's funny cough when your brain is just not functioning properly. It is also a great place to have a laugh. Just because we're tired doesn't mean we can't be funny too.

Head on over to Mama goes BAM to see a few of my favorite tweets from the past few weeks that sum up being a zombiemom. 

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