YouTube Wants Your Video for A Life In A Day Project

7 years ago

On July 24, 2010, YouTubers, videobloggers, mobile recorders and all manner of visual recording creative people will be focused on recording the entire day. A Life in A Day is going to be a global, multi-lingual experiment to create a documentary movie that is open to the entire planet.

Well, almost the entire planet. (I'll explain later.)

When I first heard about this user generated project I was skeptical and not sure that they wanted anything more than whiz bang kinda videos. Not so.

In this video, director Kevin Macdonald is giving you the straight scoop on what they hope to receive for the project.

He really seems to want a diversity of content and expression. Now yeah, Kevin did say reasonable good quality, but you don't need fancy equipment.

What Do You Need?
  • If you have a video capable mobile phone, you are good to go. Yes, iPhones too.
  • A webcam talking-head video can be very compelling with the right story told by you.
  • An HD camcorder is preferred, but when in Rome or standing in Jersey in your back yard, shoot standard definition.
  • If you have a still digital camera with a video mode, you can use it.
  • If you just have a still digital camera you can participate; take a lot of photos, add your personal narration and then use iMovie, Windows Live Movie Maker or similar programs to convert your photos and narration into a personal expression.

The preference is for high definition video content, because the videos will be projected as a final movie when the documentary is assembled. That being said, record your part of the day with what you have, and let them figure it out as long as you create the work on July 24, 2010.

Now I know some of you are saying, "Yeah, I have the gear but I don't know what to do or say."

Kevin did say that you could:

  • Talk about what makes you afraid.
  • Talk about who or what you love.
  • Talk about the contents of your pocket, handbag or backpack. You could rack up a good fifteen minutes with each item having a story on why you are toting that stuff around for hours at a time.
Come On, What Are The Details?

All of the final entries will become a documentary movie of July 24, 2010. The documentary will be shown at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Twenty of the participants will get to go to Sundance with all cost covered. You may or may not get to snuggle up to something; I’m not sure who or what at this point. You can get the full skivvy at the Life in A Day YouTube Channel page. This is my understanding of the important stuff from the FAQ page:

You do need to be 13 years of age or older to participate and sign up as a YouTube member. If you have a little Sofia Coppola at home, you can sign the documentation as a parent if the entry is accepted into the final film.

You cannot have any music. Not podsafe music, not creative commons, not royalty free, not accidentally picked up the sound of the radio as you were walking down the street kinda music.

You wrote and recorded it yourself? Go ask them, but I'm thinking the answer is no.

You cannot have any trademarks, brand names or commercial products or images. You will have to make sure that you aren't wearing anything with a logo or product name. This would include caps with sports teams or Hello Kitty nighties.

This is a global participatory event. However if you are a resident or national of Iran, Syria, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea and Myanmar (Burma), and/or any other persons and entities restricted by U.S. export controls and sanctions programs, then no, you can't participate.

What Is In It For Me?

Besides a possible trip to Sundance? Well, we need to represent visually that we are here. We have a part of our world we'd like to share. Some of us want to show the parts that are often ignored or hidden in plain sight. This is an opportunity to do so.

It is a way of paying it forward. Think about what you would like to show women on the other side of the world about your life, your community and your bit of yourself.

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