Your Unique Selling Proposition is What?!

6 years ago

Sometimes something comes across my path that is just too bizarre to not write about. This week was one of those times... You see each business has a unique selling proposition whether they know it or not. This applies for businesses large and small. It is the linchpin on which you exist. If you're doing it right, it is tied into your big WHY as Simon Sinek writes about. That is why I almost drove off the road with incredulous laughing when I heard this commercial.

I'm tooling down the road listening to the local AM news radio station the other day when a commercial comes on. Now keep in mind that sometimes they have some of the funniest tongue in cheek commercials so I wasn't initially shocked when the voice over the airwaves said, "At Dr. XYZ I can help you get an erection that lasts 60, 90 minutes or more!". My head swiveled around and I waiting for the punch line. I was waiting for some explanation about how this was just a funny spin on another product and this guy was going to help men set the record straight (no pun intended). But.. it... well, wasn't.

This guy was serious. His medical practice was literally advertising that he held the keys to the kingdom, the very secret for men who wanted to be stiff for a very very long time. Of course with the utmost in safety he inserted. Call me crazy but aren't these conditions the very adverse symptoms they talk about on all the commercials for erectile dysfunction meds? I guess this guys spin is that these adverse conditions aren't bad at all - in fact, it's what his clientele wants.

Now as someone with zero experience with this personally... I thought to myself, are there really men who want this? And if so is there that big of a critical mass in this population to make a sustainable business?

I was clearly befuddled. I literally kept driving in my car saying out loud -- "Really? Really?! Really?!!"

Then I thought, man can I actually write about this? I mean the topic is a flypaper for spammy comments and our intrepid community manager will get gray hair from this....but yet, I just couldn't let this go.

Some simple definitions -- branding represents who you are in your business and what it's all about. It ideally should align with a deeper why, a deeper purpose you believe in and to this end you want to help and serve others through your services and products. If you're doing it well, you have a well-defined profile of who your ideal clients are and where you might find them.

So, I thought - once again really?! (you can tell this very commercial lowered my vocabulary, right?) What is this guy's bigger why? Does his ideal client actually exist (and in numbers that creates a sustainable business)? Are they listening to AM radio in the middle of the day?

I certainly don't have the answers to any of these questions, but I thought writing about it would be an awfully fun way to approach the topic of branding and marketing. So what do you think?

Have you heard commercials that just make you shake your head in bewilderment?

Do you really think this guy can be serious?

What does this off-the-wall example say to you about the importance of a strong and clear message when you speak about your business?

Would love to hear what you have to say in the comments... like I said, this one was just too bizarre to pass up!

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Paula Gregorowicz, The Intuitive Intelligence™ Coach
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