Is This Your Project? Are You Sure?

a year ago
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Get Your Work Out There

Yesterday we talked about the Mindsets That Freeze and how to break through those paralyzing thought-patterns. Today we want to focus on your project itself –

  • ReName Your Project
    Put Your Project Through The “Gulp” Test
    Play With The Scope Of Your Project

To hear the actual call itself, just go to – the downloadable recording is all the way down at the bottom of the page.

You may have several projects tugging at your sleeve, but for our purposes today, just pick one, OK?

First step: let’s give your project a new name. 
Because let’s face it, “revise book proposal” sounds like being kept after school, but “Custom-Tailor My Book So It Tickles Your Fancy!” sounds like a blast.

Give it a silly name, a sexy name, a fun name, an absurdist name – anything that makes you smile and feel energized. I once had a client call her project, “Embracing The Mango” just because that felt fun and juicy and sensual.

And please don’t worry about coming up with the “perfect” name, just a casual good-enough-for-right-now and makes-you-grin name is fine.

Write down the NEW name for your project on a piece of paper.

Step Two is to do a real gut-check.

As you look at that name and consider your project – how do you feel?

As you stand here on the edge of the country you know, staring out at the country you don’t know (the land where you Get Your Work Out There) – how do you feel in your belly? Your heart? Your hands?

If you have good, tingling, excited, challenged, va-va-voom feeling, then HOORAY – you’ve got a great project on your hands.

If you’ve got another feeling, you may want to consider adjusting the scope of your project.

And only you know for sure – if you consider your project and feel terrified, that may be a sign that you’re really challenging yourself. But it may also be a sign that you’re going too big and overwhelming yourself into inaction.

Or if considering your project makes you feel tired and sort of bored, you may be thinking too small.

Step Three – let’s play with the SCOPE of your project.

Here are few ideas to consider:

1) Add A Zero
If your project involves numbers, consider adding a zero. So if you’ve been thinking about launching a $100/hour coaching service, what might it mean to offer a $1000/hour coaching service? How does that change the picture? Or if you’ve been thinking about selling 5 handmade whatsits a month, what happens when you think about selling 50? Does adjusting the numbers that way give you the thrill we’re looking for? (Thank you, Kendall Summerhawk)

2) Scale Back
It may be that you are considering too many options at once and it would serve you well to reduce your project down to its most-easily-accomplish-able parts.

Rather than launch a whole PR campaign, consider just creating one 3-minute video. Rather than releasing your book complete with hand-drawn illustrations, consider using photographs you’ve already taken.

3) Buddy System!
Steve and I love this option – obviously. If your project feels unwieldy, is there someone you trust that you can partner with? Or some piece of your project that you can delegate? Let your mind roam around a bit with this idea – you may be surprised about the allies that appear.

4) Think International
We say that The World Needs Your Good Work – is it possible that there is a global market for your work? Have you thought about international options? This isn’t the right road for everyone, of course, but it’s an idea worth playing around with.

5) Take One Small Step
Finally, as you consider the scope of your project, what is one small, tiny, eenie-meanie step that you could do today? And remember – by “small” we mean: less than 15 minutes, well within your existing skill set and easily affordable. Write that step down. Will you do it? Consider it, and if you’re ready and it feels good, make the commitment to yourself that you will take that step within the next 24 hours.


By giving your project a FUN NEW NAME, doing an honest BELLY-WISDOM-CHECK and RECONSIDERING ITS SCOPE, you have taken three big mother-may-I giant steps towards bringing your project out into the world!

Tomorrow: Your Project Talks Back

– Samantha Bennett & Steve Harper

Listen to the whole recording here:

“Thank you! I so enjoyed the way you presented your information. I have already filled in my application with fingers crossed.” – Angela, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

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