Your Body Tells You When It Is Time To Slow Down - My Mac Does Too!

8 years ago

Work hard, play hard. That has always been my motto. Somewhere in
that equation I need to figure out how to rest hard too. As my husband
likes to point out, I tend to wear myself out so that I get so sick
every 4-6 months to the point that I cannot get out of bed.

Only a couple of weeks ago this happened. A normal person would
realize that a little less work, a little more R&R, and some more
sleep after being sick would help me to stay healthy. Not me. Even in
my early 40’s I still think I’m invincible.

Since a lot of Zoe Foods’ business is via internet sales, I spend a
lot of time on my computer. I tend to work after my children have gone
to sleep from 8:30pm to midnight.

Yesterday morning, I am saddened to report that My MacBook died. Is
it possible that my stressed out, frenetic energy transferred to my
MacBook and killed it? No amount of CPR via phone or the Apple Genius
Bar could revive my poor computer. So yesterday at work I was forced to
use my 6+ year old Dell PC that is as slow as molasses.

I brought  my MacBook to the Apple ICU where it is awaiting a
critical organ transplant. I’m told that the need for a new logic board
is quite uncommon, but luckily only a three, to five day wait. So last
night, after I had finished cleaning up our kitchen and put my children
to sleep, I could not return to work. I had no computer. I had no
choice but to kick back and relax or call it a night and go to sleep.
Old habits die hard and don’t change in one night. I hardly got to bed
early and I continued to answer emails via my iPhone. For fear of
killing that too, tonight I will try to take it a little easy and turn
off all electronics by 9:30pm (this seems so early!).

As I ponder the fate of my less than year old MacBook, I wonder if
it was trying to send me a message. Maybe my MacBook took one for the
team. Better it than me. So for the next four days after my kids are
asleep, I will not work because I can’t. I will rest. And perhaps when
my MacBook returns after its organ transplant, both it and I will have
established a new routine so that we can both stay healthy.

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