You say I owe how much for rent? How Modern Girls Handle Independent Living

This article was written by a member of the SheKnows Community. It has not been edited, vetted or reviewed by our editorial staff, and any opinions expressed herein are the writer’s own. With more and more women choosing to hold off on "settling down", or coming out of long term relationships - the modern girl is looking to living on their own. No roommates, No man, No compromise.

As ladies embark on this new adventure, we'll try to make this transition smoother! Here are a few tips to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

  • Manage your money and live within your means! Sure it may be tempting to move into the trendiest neighborhood or have an extra bedroom, but remember - BILLS COME MONTHLY, and if you're over extending yourself it will catch up to you. 
  • Don't play the "If I Just" Game. "If I just get that raise" or "If I just work one more shift" does not a budget make! If you don't have it now, odds are you won't have it when you move out so be realistic. If you have to rationalize your decisions with future "gets" then you're already screwed. Be smart girlies, nothing is guaranteed.
  • Decorate on a budget. You don't have to spend alot of money to have a beautiful home! Decorating isn't about money, it's about vision. Check out Ikea, Target, Kohls, Home Goods,, or for great, cheap home accessories. Our secret, candles and mirrors!
  • Consider moving out permanent and self-sustainable Don’t consider “back-up” options (e.g. moving back in with your family) when making decisions effecting your living situation. Your family and friends may be there incase of emergency, but if you view them as a safety net you’ll be less likely to view this situation seriously.  
  • You moved out, so you pay the bills. Outside of divorce settlements, if you still rely on someone else to pay your rent, car insurance or buy groceries – then you’re just playing house. It's not mommy and daddy's apartment, it's yours.
  • Make the home a reflection of you! This may be your only chance to really make your home a reflection of you - no compromising a feminine style for a boy! You like pink, do pink! You like polka dots, do polka dots! Enjoy!
  • Be smart and safe. Know your surroundings, be a good neighbor and know who you’re inviting into your home.

Most importantly....Be proud of your ability to do this! This is a huge step and you should be very impressed with yourself. Living on your own is not something everyone can do, so CHEERS to you!

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