You Might Be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

3 years ago

You Might be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

1. You have an “I Break for Garage Sales” bumper sticker on your SUV or Minivan.

You Might be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

2. You have to budget money for your garage sale obsession.

You Might be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

3. You schedule time in the morning on Fridays to beat the crowd to the “good stuff”.

4. Your significant other is complaining that your new treasures are taking over your house/life.

5. You longingly look at those “project items” that you acquired but can’t remember what the project was going to be.

You Might be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

6. You break into a sweat when you see a neighborhood/community garage sale.

7. You have to rent a storage locker to house all the incredible stuff you have acquired.

You Might be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

8. You acquire James Bond type driving skills to follow crazy sale signs put up 10 feet before your turn.

You Might be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

9. You continue to buy things thinking this would be a great project that I will do next weekend, but donate it to Goodwill in 6 months.

10. You plan your vacations around specialty garage sales that happen every year like Packwood, WA (Memorial Day/Labor Day) or the World’s longest garage sale on the Long Beach Peninsula, Long Beach, WA (Memorial Day) so you won’t miss out on the chance to get more treasures.

You Might be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

11. You absolutely can’t pass up a Garage Sale sign on the way to the bank to get money for a garage sale expedition because the good stuff might be gone before you get back.

12. You find stuff at a garage sale that you ask the seller to hold for you so you can go to the bank for MORE money.

You Might be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

13. You eye other garage sale shoppers with suspicion if they seem to be following you from one sale to the next.

14. You train your children or grandchildren to be a garage sale sign spotter as soon as they can speak in sentences you can understand.

15. You shamelessly use the innocence of your child/grandchild to cut a better deal because they are cute or they just want you to leave because they are destroying their sale.

You Might be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

16. All of your Christmas shopping is done during the garage sale season.

17. Your older children disappear during your designated shopping time.

18. Before your garage sale shopping, you comb Craigslist for the multifamily, moving, neighborhood, and rummage sales so you can shop more and drive less.

You Might be a Garage Sale Junkie If...

19. You have garage sale apps on your phone that map out the sales for you giving you the best route from sale to sale.

20. Finally, you have the mother of all garage sales in September to get rid of the garage sale stuff from last year.....

If you answered yes to more than four of these questions, You Might Be a Garage Sale Junkie!!

What do you REALLY do during the "thrill of the hunt" while garage saling? We would love to hear some stories!

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