You know what? There IS life after elections!

4 years ago

Okay, the elections are over! And there really is life after elections. I poured a lot of my heart and soul into the promotion of my personal candidate. I tolerated the negativity, the name calling, the out and out lies - from both sides.

I tried very hard NOT to follow the footsteps of the candidates, their teams, their followers. However, I did do some venting yesterday but I did succeed in keeping my comments clean (not always easy). I did not succeed in keeping my comments neutral. After I had written several comments, I felt a divine urging to stop writing and start listening.

I turned off the sound on the TV and turned on some Christian music on the radio. I wish I could remember what song was playing when I turned it on. All I remember is the words spoke to my spirit and calmed me enormously. I began to pray - to talk to my Creator - to listen to Him speak to me - to get beyond my anxiety regarding the elections.

This will be the last thing I say/post, whatever, about the elections.

I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my week at home. Monday I went and had my labs drawn for my anti-rejection medication levels. Then we returned the rent cart we used on our whirlwind trip to Texas last week. Then we came home to recover from said whirlwind trip. 

On Tuesday, we voted. The hubby went to his office and I started thinking about supper. There are two things I have been craving of late - vegetable soup (homemade, preferably) and barbecue. I decided to start a pot of soup. With the crock pot full to the brim, I sat down to spend some time with my computer - watching movies and other favorite shows - anything but the news. Just couldn't stand any of it. And also spent the day smelling the amazing aromas from the soup. mmmmmmm 

On Wednesday I finished up the laundry I started yesterday. Then I installed an light in the hutch over the credenza in our office. Then I sat at said credenza and started sorting through all kinds of paperwork. I spent two and a half hours sorting, filing, and pitching paperwork! Ugh!! I hate paperwork. But I have now gotten most of it sorted and filed.

Today I went over to our other house - the one we moved out of, sortof, seven months ago. We still haven't managed to get all our stuff moved from the other house. We keep making stabs at it but something always happens to distract us from the task at hand. You know, things like the heat, then the exhaustion from traveling so much (hubby's job), then two different hospital stays for me. I went to the house to retrieve two items - specifically, my sewing machine and some drawer organizers. I got those plus four plastic tote boxes full to overflowing and two tote bags full to overflowing. In other words, I brought home a carload of stuff - my stuff.

Upon returning to the house we live in, I promptly sat down in my recliner to recover from my multi-hour adventure at our old house. I had to take some pain medication for my knee and my back. Tomorrow, if my body will allow it, I plan to do another trip to get more of our stuff - the stuff I can manage. The furniture that's still there will have to wait for hubby and the weekend.

And blessings abound -

-Blessings, Debi

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