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4 years ago
My new blog friend, Julie DeNeen at (I just subscribed to hers, and she subscribed to mine. In blog world, that makes us almost sisters, really) did a "I Have a Bad Habit of..." blog post. I decided to steal it and make a "I Have a Habit of..." list of my own. 

I'm into lists this week. So, here goes:

I Have a Habit of...

1. Rounding down. By, say...a LOT. For instance, I'll say to hubby, "OMG, you can't believe the ADORABLE shirt I just bought, for like, $10.00! He'll say, " cost $ it's more like $20...

Not on my watch it isn't.

It's the like that's key. As in, "In 2030 dollars, $19.99 is more like, $10.00."

Hubby has an MBA for god's sake. You'd think he could figure this.

2. Being able to find something I need no matter what store I'm in. I believe this is an art form. I don't care what store, what country, whatever...if I'm there, I'll find something I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE, something I MIGHT DIE WITHOUT.

At Home Depot, I'll find random things, like a really cute pot to plant something in. Never mind the only thing I've ever planted is my ass on the couch. Or, HARD TO FIND cleaning supplies. The ones that you can get on TV with a free set of steak knives. The ones I NEED to clean the grout.  Like that'll happen. In a pinch, I'll grab a bunch of paint chips. Never know when you're gonna NEED those. They're free, by the way.

Airport Gift Shops in say, Colombia.  I HAD TO HAVE a paperback. Yeah, it cost $45 american dollars. Yeah, it was in Spanish and I don't speak Spanish. Yet. I don't know about you but, my motto is "When in Rome..." or should I say, "When-o in a Rome-o."

3. Buying shoes in the wrong size. I'm not one of those really annoying women who buy shoes that are too small because they don't want to own up they've got feet only a lumberjack would love. No, I go the opposite way. I'm very small. I have very small feet. Nothing EVER fits. Here's how it goes in the shoe store.

Salesgirl: "Would you like to try those on?"


Salesgirl: "What size do you wear?"

Me: "What size do you have?"

So, I pretty much wear whatever size she brings out. That's what shoe inserts are for. You can even double those up. 

4. Eating half of anything. No matter what. 

If hubby and I order one entree to split, I'll eat half of my half.

If I order the half sandwich and soup combo at the diner, I'll eat half of the half sandwich. 

If I order the 2 cheeseburger combo at McDonalds, I'll only eat one cheeseburger. Hubby asks, "Why don't you just order one cheeseburger and get the fries and drink separate?" This floors me. Who would do that? The combo COMES WITH TWO.

He's got an MBA, you'd think he could figure this.

5. Driving my car till the red gas light is on. For a few days.

I don't do gas stations. That's just how I roll.

End of story.

6. Trying to time, by the second, when to arrive for an appointment. Hubby is a get there early kind of guy. I'm a get there with your hair on end, clothes on backwards, with no glasses, wallet, or necessary and important paperwork, and car on empty (see above) because I was in such a hurry kind of girl. 

I've gotta make an entrance. I just do.

7. Buying stuff on sale because it saves a TON of money. I don't buy $800 shoes. I buy 8 pairs of shoes for $100 each.

I LOVE bargains. I love knock-offs and cheap costume jewelry. I buy stuff by the boatload, but ONLY ON SALE. Because, I'm an economizer. I know how to stretch and save a dollar. 

Hubby doesn't see this the same way. IMAGINE that.

I'll say, "I buy EVERYTHING on sale. You can't even imagine how much money I've saved us over the years. I'll bet it's A KAZILLION dollars."

He says, "You'd save even more if you didn't buy anything at all."

He's got an MBA. You'd think he could figure this.

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