You are what you drink.

4 years ago

Coffee.  I’m an addict.  I cannot go on without it.  My needs are simple.  One very strong cup each morning.

Part of me loathes going to coffee shops or cafes, if you will.  I don’t understand these people whose coffee order involves a 10 minute dissertation to a barista.  You’re not a real coffee drinker.  Even when I’m splurging on a mocha, my order is simple. Non-fat mocha, medium. Bam. Done. Next topic.

My very unscientific theory is that there is a correlation between how you take your coffee and how much you complicate your life unnecessarily. My coffee order is 99% the darkest roast available with some sweetner.  I can’t stomach the light or blonde roasts.  They taste like brown water.  I’ll drink it if there’s nothing else available and a Coke is not an option either.

But it’s not the roast of coffee that makes you complicated.  It’s the crap you put in it.

Today while at Starbucks, a lady in front of me ordered an iced coffee.  Seems like a simple order…but wait, “I’d like a grande iced coffee in a venti cup filled with ice.”  She then ordered an extra venti cup of ice.

What the hell??

Did I mention she didn’t even tip the gal who had to put up with this nonsense?

Maybe I’m being to hard on people. They have a right to be as annoyingly high maintenance as they want.  I just don’t want to be behind them in line when I’m trying to get a coffee.

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